Woke NYT Columnist Who Crushed Olivia Dunne Is Silent On LSU's Angel Reese Posing For SI Swimsuit Issue, Using Sex Appeal

Close your eyes and think way back to November 2022.

That's when New York Times woke gasbag Kurt Streeter opened up his laptop to write a column on Olivia Dunne and how it was disgusting she was using sex appeal to move the needle and sign deals with brands via the Name, Image and Likeness legislation that allows college athletes to make money via marketing deals.

Monday, it was announced by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit staff that LSU basketball player Angel Reese had posed in a bikini for the outlet and would appear as a model in this summer's swimsuit issue.

Kurt, as one would predict, has been silent on the topic. No tweets -- his account seems to have been deleted, probably as part of some woke protest against Elon Musk.

There hasn't been an emergency column from Kurt. From the look of things, the guy barely works. There have been no emergency quotes attributed to Kurt over the news that Angel had dumped out the cleav for SI photographers.

Stanford women's basketball coach Tara VanDerveer, whom Streeter proudly quoted in his column on Dunne, hasn't popped up on the World Wide Leader to feign outrage over Reese, who is being promoted as the face of women's college basketball by woke ESPN, ripping off her clothes.

I've done searches today. There aren't any think pieces popping up.

Angel Reese using sex appeal = empowering and "You go girl."

Olivia Dunne using sex appeal = a step back for women and society; how dare she post a photo of her glutes to sell workout apparel?

“Scroll through the social media posts from female college athletes across the United States and you will find that a significant through line on many of the women’s accounts is the well-trod and well-proven notion that sexiness sells,” Streeter wrote in November.

That's true. I scroll through the posts on a daily basis.

“Race cannot be ignored as part of the dynamic. A majority of the most successful female moneymakers are white. Sexual orientation can’t be ignored, either. Few of the top earners openly identify as gay, and many post suggestive images of themselves that seem to cater to the male gaze,” Streeter continued.

There was the money shot problem for Kurt.

He hated the fact that Dunne was making all the money. He hated that she dressed like a college sophomore and got paid to model clothing.

Now Angel Reese does the same exact thing that Dunne did and it's crickets.

Reese has been posing in bikinis on Instagram going back to 2020. "Get a tall girl and I bet it change ya life🔥👅," Reese penned back in July 2020. That post has over 19,000 likes.

Crickets from Streeter.

Reese posed provocatively in Calvin Klein underwear for multiple photos May 6, 2022 to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Crickets from Streeter.

Angel Reese is now closing in on two million Instagram followers and now has an NIL valuation estimated to be $1.3 million and is the face of women's basketball in the urban community, she's posed dozens and dozens of times in bikinis, constantly uses sex appeal and will star -- along with Dunne -- in the 2023 SI swimsuit issue.

Crickets, crickets, crickets from Streeter.

Why would he have no issue with that based on his previous inferences Dunne was a problem for using sex appeal? Isn't what Reese is doing bad for women's sports because it diminishes the sport, like VanDerveer wants us to believe? The Stanford coach told Streeter it “is a step back” for female athletics when women use sex appeal to fuel marketing deals.

In November, I wrote:

He’s mad that a white woman is leading the way. He’ll be silent the moment a woman of color holds the NIL sponsorship dollar title.

Here we are in May after the Women's Final Four and Reese is charging to the top. That fraud Streeter is nowhere to be found.

Zero chance Kurt has the balls to call out Reese. That's a blood bank guarantee.

Step up, big boy.

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