Woke Advocates Call for HBO To Cancel Bill Maher For LGBT Commentary

The woke are trying to cancel Bill Maher for the crime of thinking independently out loud.

Wednesday, the magazine Advocate called for HBO to cancel Maher in the literal sense. The piece demanded that HBO cancel Real Time, writing that Maher's comments about the LGBT community have "gone too far."

Last week, Maher argued that it has become "trendy" and persuasive to turn LGBT.

"If something about the human race is changing at a previously unprecedented rate, we at least have to discuss it," Maher said. "Broken down over time, the LGBT population of America seems to be roughly doubling every generation."

"Less than 1% of Americans born before 1946, that's Joe Biden's generation, identify that way, 2.6% of Boomers do, 4.2% of Gen X, 10.5% of Millennials and 20.8% of Gen Z, which means if we follow this trajectory, we will all be gay in 2054," Maher said by citing a Gallup poll.

Maher's commentary wasn't bigoted at all. He's only questioning the long-term impact of often younger humans changing their genders by citing concerns with bone density and fertility.

“We’re literally experimenting on children,” Maher adds, "but logic tells you there’s going to be problems."

That's not shaming or even mocking. In fact, those are valid questions that the LGBT advocates and sex-change "experts" are not answering.

Notice how the groups calling for HBO to cancel Maher never address these concerns. Rather, they demand the axing of anyone who dares to challenge their messaging.

That said, HBO won't give in and cancel Maher. He has elevated himself to a near uncancelable status. So these hit pieces and spin-jobs won't accomplish anything. They are pointless.

Bill Maher's commentary on the rise of LGBT Americans didn't go "too far," as the Advocate writes. But faux-outrage and cancel culture have, both of which are now cutting with a knife too dull.

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