Wild Six-Woman Tag-Team Brawl Breaks Out At Australian Horse Race Party

The big highlight of this week's Spring Racing Carnival ahead of the notoriously drunken Melbourne Cup was a wild six-woman tag-team, loser leaves town Royal Rumble beatdown.

By the end of the fisticuffs Down Under, women were sprawled out on the road with their thongs showing and their Instagram-worthy dresses looking walk-of-shame worthy.

What started it? Who knows. Maybe booze. Maybe some snide comment about one's Instagram follower count. Maybe it's a war between slam pieces and main pieces.

What's clear is that this wasn't your typical Australian chick fight. We're talking flying knees. Ground and pound. Hammer fists.

Let's go to the footage:


Thank you to all involved in the best six-woman tag-team brawl video of 2022.

By the way, Gold Trip won Tuesday's Melbourne Cup, if you care.

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