Wild Fight Breaks Out At New Jersey Drift Race, Ends With Couple Making Out

I've been at this Internet job since 2007 and this is the first time in all those years that I've ever covered a fan fight at a drift race. I've literally blogged about thousands of sports fan fights over 15 years, but I've never seen anything like what came out of the Formula Drift race at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey last Saturday afternoon.

Before we dig into the fight itself, let's address the guy who recorded this footage. Awesome job by the guy. This footage is clean, he shot it horizontally and he stayed on the main event like he was working a Super Bowl.

Now for the fight.

From the uploader:

Yesterday at FD Englishtown NJ there was a couple in the crowd harassing people trying to enter the stands around turn 2. Every man & woman (even children) were kicked, tripped, grabbed or touched as they entered the bleachers because this couple thought it was funny. Until someone didn’t think it was funny at all… video included. Also this chick tossed some girls sandals onto the track right before 2 cars were about to go. I love this sport and this community, if you want to be toxic, stay home.

Also, after being removed from the stands, they went under the stands and started pulling peoples belongings through the opening in the bleachers, including someone’s crutches… wow

Edit for snowflakes: I did not jump in because my wife had surgery recently and I was standing as a barrier between her and the fight.

I'm not an expert on drugs or how people act on drugs, but on the Facebook page where this footage is located many people are saying this has all the signs of meth. Again, I wouldn't know what that looks like so you guys be the judge here.

Meth'd up? Drunk? Completely sober, just triggered?

Eventually police showed up in the parking lot after the woman threw a punch at a security guard and tried to kick another.

Stay crazy, drift racing.

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