Wild Drunken, Naked Sister Fight At Disney World Documented In Court Papers

Two naked, drunken sisters were arrested in October for a brawl that led to one sister slipping on the other sister's vomit causing the fight to slip off into bushes as dresses came off and drunken haymakers continued to fly, according to court documents released last week by the Orlando County Sheriff's Office.

WDW News Today, which tracks all things Disney, got its hands on the documents and this is one of those incidents that will go down in the park annals. The actual fight took place at Disney Springs between the sisters, 29 and 31, who were on a family vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth, but that's not how things went after a night out at a steakhouse.

WDWNT reports that the night started with drinks at an Irish restaurant. That's when the troubles started. The sisters tried to jump in an Uber called by Disney security after their phone batteries died. The Uber driver refused to take them because of their level of drunkenness. The report states that the two women started arguing while waiting on a taxi and one sister called the other a bad mom and slapped her.

At this point, it was 12:40 a.m. and the cops were notified there was some live-action between these two. One sister ended up in her underwear and sandals, but Disney security was able to get her dressed and back in order, but the night was young and these two were in the mood to fight.

It was go-time.

“Both females were screaming at each other. said one female was sitting on a bench while the second female was standing over her. After attempting to calm the situation, said one female slapped the other in the face. At that point, both females began punching, slapping, and pulling each other’s hair,” the sheriff’s department wrote in their report.

Security got involved and both fighters went back to their corners, but again, the night was young. There's more.

“Once separated, both sisters ran at each other, slipped in vomit, then fell into the bushes while still fighting. stated [the younger sister] ran a few feet away and took off her dress, exposing her breasts. Shortly after, they began to punch each other again. and [another cast member who witnessed the fight] were able to separate the two again until the off-duty deputies arrived on scene.”

Officers show up and one of the drunken sister was railing against her sister's boyfriend. Needless to say the officer's found both to be heavily ripped and popped both of them for disorderly intox. However, by November, the state decided these two were of little use to the criminal justice system and their case was thrown out.

Here's the kicker -- Disney says it doesn't have surveillance of the incident. Yeah right. As for the sisters, they decided to not pursue criminal charges against each other and have gone on with their lives unnamed in the incident.



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