We Have A New World Record For Most People Taking A 'Ski Shot' At The Same Time

These are the types of World Records we need to focus on. Ones that involve alcohol.

Congratulations to the Breckenridge Distillery and the lovely people of Breckenridge, Colorado that just set the longest ski shot record.

1,350 clearly sober people came and attended the event at the town's Ullr Fest last weekend.

After a couple pregame festivities and that included dressing up and dancing, the thousand-plus revelers lined the main street of the town and downed the shot of Breckenridge Distillery's Broncos Bourbon Blend all at the same time.

The damage for the Distillery? 2,281.5 ounces, which is equivalent to 143 bottles of the Bourbon all gone in half a second.

But hey! That's a cheap price to pay for a World Record!

Ski shots are always interesting. I've done them plenty of times with friends and it usually turns out terrible because there's always somebody that doesn't take the shot at the correct time as everyone else and it just goes all over them. But over a THOUSAND people at the same time and some probably half in the bag already? Just a hilarious disaster.


What's great about this is that Breckenridge has been battling back and forth with Park City, Utah over the Guinness Record. In 2018, Park City's High West Distillery took the trophy at 1,275 people simultaneously pounding a ski shot.

Breckenridge was able to defeat that by 75 people. Something tells me Park City is pissed though and will have an answer next year.

Proceeds from the event went to various charities.

Maybe I can attend and be an on-location reporter for OutKick and give play-by-play analysis of the historic event.

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