Waffle House Workers To TikTok Dorks: No More Menu Hack Requests

Waffle House workers, who already have to put up with your drunken antics at 2 a.m., are officially fed up with menu hack requests from TikTok users who can't play by the rules.

At one Georgia Waffle House, customers are receiving fair warning that TikTok hacks will not be tolerated and if you don't like it, try fighting the employees who know how to throw a punch. Feeling lucky, dorks?

"Order from the menu! We're not making nothing you've seen on TikTok (no waffle sandwiches)," a sign on the front door of one restaurant reads.

According to those in the know, TikTok dorks are a combination of meat, bacon, cheese and eggs between two waffles. One Waffle House worker told customers this week that the hack will cost $20 and that customers are better off ordering a Texas bacon cheesesteak or a Texas sausage, egg and cheese melt.

But TikTok nerds aren't listening and now emotions are boiling over. Those of you who've been around the Internet for a period of time know what's coming next. We're eventually going to get fisticuffs when Waffle House workers get tired of drunken menu hacks.

The signs on the doors is a clear warning shot to the nerds who think they can walk in and change how a restaurant operates.

Even though they're being warned the sandwich customization will run $20, TikTok nerds need that content for their feed so they're not blinking at such a high cost.

“20 ain’t nothing let me get 5,” one user told Waffle House worker Auntie Toro who is trying to save customers money.

“I’m a billionaire when I’m drunk so,” another customer fired back.

"I've spent $75 on a steak before. We got money over here," wrote another cocky TikTok menu hack fan.

Now, I hate to agree with TikTok dorks, but this Waffle House sandwich they've created does look amazing. I'm not sure the syrup on my hands would be fun to deal with at 3 a.m., but let's face it, most of us are drunk when eating Waffle House, so it adds to the allure.

The perfect response from Waffle House is to throw a $30 price tag on this beauty and see if the marketplace blinks. You want to infuriate a Waffle House worker at 3 a.m.? Pay up.

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