Waffle House Cook Unloads Bombs In Wildest WWE-Like Fight You'll Ever See

A wild chair-throwing, multi-upper cut to the ribs, scattered, smothered, chunked ass-kicking brawl for the ages reportedly went down last week at an Austin, Texas Waffle House, according to boots on the ground who witnessed this work of art.

Some Internet observers claim this went down on Christmas Day in Atlanta, but that would be impossible when a version posted December 22 has gone viral. It doesn't really matter when and where this occurred. The gold here is the chaos and the Waffle House worker who should receive a two-fight contract offer by some fight league around the country.

Watch these fist fly and you be the judge. Waffle House Kayla doesn't appear to be scared of any opponent.

I'm not a boxing expert or some UFC nerd like some of these guys on the Internet, but I know a woman who has a thirst for delivering pain when I see one who knows how to put together combinations like Waffle House Kayla.

Do your thing, girlfriend!

As if Waffle House Kayla throwing bombs wasn't impressive enough, watch how she snatches this chair out of thin air. Pure adrenaline rush right here. Imagine getting in a ring with this chick. No thanks.

Are you kidding me. I watched her grab that chair out of the air -- CLEAN -- at least a dozen times and I'm convinced this chick could win a UFC title in 2023.


Now it's time for Uncle Dana White to do the right thing and get this woman on the next UFC Fight Night.

Facts are facts, Dana. Watch the tape.

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