Viral TikTok Bodybuilding Cinderella Story Has The Internet Jacked Up

Montreal college student Zach Charlesworth is officially a TikTok viral star thanks to his weekend stunt at a bodybuilding competition.

There was Zach on stage amongst giants of Canadian bodybuilding at the Montreal Summum Classic posing next to raw-egg consuming beasts who eat weights and slam GNC smoothies for a living. And then there's Zach, who doesn't skip calf day.

"My friend told me we were going swimming," Zach wrote on TikTok to set up the goof.

And then we see a viral video that has already racked up an astounding 23.7 million views on the social media platform where stunts like this are rewarded with followers and the promises of riches from brands that want to connect with content geniuses.

Let's get to the open Class B action from Montreal:

How about the balls on young Zach?

Yes, he finished last because the judges didn't have the balls to slide him into the 8th spot and turn this viral bit into a massive controversy within the bodybuilding world like it deserves to be. Instead, they stood by their bodybuilding integrity and scored Zach in last place.

To put this competition into perspective, Zach was up against the likes of professional bodybuilder Eric Rice, a trained tricep assassin who specializes in Instagram pose-downs.

Speaking of pose-downs and pose-offs, Zach was pitted against pro Rinaldo Denis as judges got a good look at what each was working with in the lat department.

Now it's back to the drawing board for Zach as he tries to find a path up the Canadian bodybuilding leaderboard. At least he has the tan part down.

Your 2022 Montreal Summum Classic Open Class B winner Eric Rice!

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