Viral Sensation Florida Judge Elizabeth Scherer Is Back & She Has An Instagram Page

Broward County (Florida) Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer is back in the news via the Nikolas Cruz Parkland school shooting case after a potential juror used one of the oldest tricks in the books in an attempt to get out of her public duty.

"I'm married and I have my sugar daddy," the potential juror told Scherer, who was caught off-guard by the bizarre excuse. The potential juror further explained that she needed to see her sugar daddy on a daily basis and that would prevent her from serving. The clip went viral and reminded the world that Scherer isn't your run-of-the-mill judge who looks like he or she is counting down the days until death.

I've spent nearly 15 years writing on the Internet and Scherer has to be the first judge I've come across at any level to have an active Instagram account that also includes Instagram Story updates. Instagram is also where we learn that Liz Scherer was a helluva high school athlete at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Fort Lauderdale where she was inducted into the school's athletic hall of fame for her work as a volleyball player on the 1992-93 and 1993-94 state championship teams.

The 45-year-old judge, who got her undergrad degree from Florida State and her law degree from the University of Miami, rose to fame as the judge who was assigned to the Cruz case and immediately caught the eye of court observers who weren't used to an Instagram model judge working such a public case, or any case for that matter.

While Scherer wasn't known outside south Florida, she has had a rather interesting run during her tenure working in the courts. In 2009, her then-husband was caught in a warehouse with an ounce of cocaine, a pound of weed, and prescription pills. The now-ex-husband told police he was selling a little bit on side to pay the bills and that he was living in the warehouse because he was split up with Liz.

The charges were eventually dropped and Liz ended up appointed to the circuit court by Governor Rick Scott.

Now Liz is a viral sensation and is said to be married to a Hollywood, Florida police detective.

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