Video Of Bikini Bombshell Exiting Firetruck To Enter Strip Club Leads To A Ridiculous Investigation

"Siren...Siren to the stage, please."

"Get those dollar bills ready because up next we have the always sexy and always half-naked Siren! You mustn’t touch! Don’t forget about our $3 hot 'n' spicy wings, $4 Jager bombs and, of course, our $10 hookahs! Once again, Siren!”

Let's go to San Jose, California where the mayor is fuming over a video purported to show a stripper exiting a San Jose Fire Department engine on her way into a strip club as the fire engines lights flash in a video posted October 6 on Instagram.

“If the investigation concludes that this video is as bad as it looks, then heads must roll,” the mayor, Sam Liccardo, told KTVU. “We cannot have a life-critical emergency rescue apparatus relegated to a frat party bus, nor tolerate any conduct that so demeans the heroic work of the rest of our SJFD team.”

The San Jose fire chief, who doesn't want to lose his job over this, had released his own strong statement on the matter.

"If findings of an internal investigation reveal inappropriate behavior of any Department members, appropriate steps will be taken to address the matter," San José Fire Chief Robert Sapien, Jr. announced in a statement. "The City of San José Code of Ethics policy guides the conduct of all City employees. All City of San José employees are expected to adhere to the Code of Ethics Policy they have agreed to as a condition of their employment."

Since it's 2022 and not 1989, the mob is now demanding someone be fired for such egregious behavior. Perhaps Siren (or whatever her name is) ran out of gas on her way, and the firemen saved the poor woman from the fentanyl monsters.

This is why we can't just jump to conclusions that these guys were throwing a bachelor party in a fire truck.

Clearly, the city brass are all nervous because the wokes will come for their heads, but let's pump the brakes and not get too triggered.

That fire engine has its lights on announcing its arrival outside a strip club. It's like a huge spotlight shining in the sky back in '87 for some huge G'nR record release event. Those lights are pretty much telling people to get their phones out.

And even if they were throwing a blowout party back at the firehouse, who cares?

We're talking about heroes who have to save the lives of drug addicts flopping around on the streets of that city and run into burning buildings to save lives. Let them have a strip club night at the firehouse. Let Siren jump on the firehouse pole to do a routine.

As a taxpayer, I'd rather the firehouse have a strip club night vs. some of the stupidity these cities pay for.

What about the gas using it as a stripper taxi!?

Someone find me a total on the gas used and I'll Venmo it to Mayor Liccardo.

Relax, Mary. I've offered to pay for the fire engine gas for this run:

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