Video Of A Crazy Maniac Calling Himself Baltazar, And The Son Of Dracula, Trying To Stab A United Airlines Flight Attendant Is Out

A deranged lunatic, who attempted to open an emergency exit on a Los Angeles to Boston flight and then attempted to stab a flight attendant in the neck, told terrified passengers he was Baltazar and claimed he was the son of Dracula and that he wanted SWAT to come and shoot him down.

Video of the Sunday night incident shows Francisco Severo Torres, 33, going on a long rant before getting out of his seat and making a sprint toward the front of the plane where he then tries to stab a flight attendant.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Massachusetts says in a press release that Torres tried to use a broken plastic spoon as his weapon of choice. The lunatic was able to jab at the flight attendant three times before being restrained by flight crew that clearly are tired of these insane people who can't just jump on a flight without causing chaos.

Now imagine being one of the three guys sitting in front of Torres. These three are clearly just trying to crisscross the U.S. to get into Boston for a week of work and they're not looking to wrestle with the crazy guy who could be jacked up on drugs.

This clearly isn't the first time they've dealt with crazies on flights. They know the routine: Stay quiet, eventually, the crazy person will tire out and sit down for the rest of the flight.

Not Baltazar.

We're talking about a nutjob who wanted the federal air marshal (apparently there wasn't one on this flight) to show his face so they could have a showdown.

In the end, it will be Torres meeting with a federal judge to face charges of interference or attempted interference with a flight crew while using a dangerous weapon. What's the sentence on that charge? It could be life in jail.

That's right, life.

Lisa Olsen of Rhode Island, who recorded the video, says the first five hours of the flight were "uneventful" but that Torres lost it about 45 minutes before landing. It was at that point when Torres attempted to open a door between first class and coach. With approximately 30 minutes to go before landing, Torres went off.

Olsen says after an incident where the madman got out of the zip ties around his wrists, passengers gave up their seat belts to serve as restraints. She says that Baltazar eventually calmed down for the 5-10 minutes before landing.

And there you have it, another day in the friendly skies over America.

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