Unnerving 'Oppenheimer' Preview Released

"Oppenheimer" looks like it's going to be an absolutely epic film.

The highly-anticipated summer blockbuster stars Cillian Murphy as legendary physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer - the man famous for developing the atomic bomb.

It's one of the most fascinating stories in America's glorious history, and it will now come to theaters around the world. Judging from the latest look, it's going to be a very unnerving film.

"Oppenheimer" looks like a must-watch film.

The development of the atomic bomb and the use of it to end WWII is arguably the most significant moment in human history.

As soon as the bombs were dropped on Japan, the world changed forever. An arms race was sparked, highly-advanced nuclear weapons were developed and the world has lived under the threat of possible nuclear annihilation ever since.

Robert Oppenhiemer was the most crucial part of the Manhattan Project. Without him, America could have been delayed a significant amount of time in getting the bomb.

The film is also stacked with an outrageous amount of talent. Murphy is joined by Josh Hartnett, Florence Pugh, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Gary Oldman, Kenneth Branagh, Rami Malek and other recognizable actors.

Christopher Nolan has put together an incredibly impressive lineup.

For history buffs and people who love great cinema, "Oppenheimer" looks like a must-watch. We don't say that often. Only when it applies. There's no doubt it applies here. No doubt at all. You can catch "Oppenheimer" in theaters starting July 21. We will absolutely review it at OutKick. That's a guarantee you can take to the bank.

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