UMass Lunatics Expel Students For Not Wearing Masks Outside At Off-Campus Party

Parents of three UMass-Amherst students expelled from the school for not wearing masks at an off-campus party have turned to the media in their quest for the school to answer the question of why the three freshman girls are being treated differently than others at the school.

The three students, who were sent home and banned from in-person classes after the photo surfaced, have been fully cut off from the school's distance learning program and officially kicked out of school for the semester. One of the parents who spoke to WBZ-TV told a reporter there will be no refund on the $16,000 spent for the semester and the girls will have to reapply to get back into the school. However, the three have missed the housing registration deadline so that part of the UMass experience in 2021-22 is out.

The parents who spoke to the TV station don't refute that their daughters were at a party and not wearing masks. They'd like an explanation from the school why their daughters were kicked out while members of the national championship hockey team can take part in a parade and not wear masks.

UMass said in a statement: "Students received a number of public health messages this semester that emphasized the importance of following public health protocols and the consequences for not complying, and those messages were also shared on UMass social media channels."

If you think expelling three students for a mask violation sounds like complete lunacy, let's not forget three months ago when the school announced it was banning outdoor exercise. “Self-sequestration means that students must stay in their residences, both on and off campus, except to get meals, undergo twice-weekly COVID testing, or to attend medical appointments. In addition, to minimize potential spread, students should refrain from travel from campus or outside the surrounding area. Failure to comply with these directives is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and will result in disciplinary action, which may include removal from residence halls and/or suspension.”

Here comes the full-on lunacy. Under the FAQs section of the "self sequester" order from the school came this gem.

“In the current high-risk operational posture, students are required to self-sequester. This precludes leaving your residence hall for a walk. To get appropriate exercise, please view approved activities such as accessing food and participating in twice-weekly COVID testing at the Mullins Center as opportunities to take walks to support your health.”

That was posted around February 11. By February 13, the school had changed its stance to "You may leave your residence to participate in outdoor exercise."

Look, here's how parents should handle UMass. Just don't send your kid there and support these lunatics who banned leaving a residence hall for a walk until outlets exposed these idiots. Guess what will happen once enough parents fight back against these lunatics? They'll stop being so lunatic-y.

The hockey team wasn't expelled from school because it would've been a bad look from the administration led by former Congressman Marty Meehan (D) who served in the House from 1993 to 2007. The three girls sent packing were expendable, let's face it. The hockey team isn't.

That said, shaming these lunatics via Boston media is a smart play here. The nutjobs who came up with banning students from going on walks should be exposed. The nutjobs who have tortured college students with dumb rules from coast to coast should hear about it for years. And it's not just in the liberal elite neighborhoods.

They should hear about the case of University of Houston student Dobri Stalev who says he was removed from his position as a resident adviser and lost his housing, meal plan and income after a UH staffer said he was not wearing a mask in the student union. Stalev says he was eating and drinking and espresso. The school didn't budge. He was out.

The lunatics are going to lunatic. Spend that college money wisely and don't forget those three girls were expelled for not wearing masks outside, but they could've gone into a Massachusetts restaurant to enjoy a 40-course meal and they'd still be in school. Let's that sink in.

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