UFC President Dana White Banned From Casino After Massive Blackjack Wins

UFC president Dana White is worth an estimated half a billion dollars, but that doesn't stop him from being seen often at the casinos in Las Vegas.

White has said more than once that he's a "degenerate gambler" but he's been successful in taking the casinos for millions on high-stakes blackjack.

Joe Rogan, UFC announcer and podcaster, said that one night White lost a million - but prior to that came up with a profit of $7 million.

Not bad.

"Listen, Vegas is all about losing, not winning, man. They don't like people who f***ing win!" White said.

"Then it sold again, the new ownership said we want you to come back and I beat them for $1.6 million again.

White has nothing to worry about when it comes to money, as back in 2016, himself and the Fertitta brothers sold their majority stake in the UFC to a consortium of investors for over $4 billion.

The casino where White took home a huge amount of cash, the Palms, had reportedly asked him to stop playing there after the Maloff family sold the casino.

"I had beat them for $1.6 million," he said. "Then as soon as the Palms sold, the people who came in asked me to stop playing there."

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