UFC Fires TikTok Influencer Addison Rae After Announcing Questionable Resumé

***UPDATE*** According to E! News, Rae was reportedly hired by the UFC to conduct an interview with Poirier, with no further assignments or commitments as a reporter. The source mentions that Rae's initial tweet refrained from addressing Saturday's assignment as a one-off interview. Stay tuned for updates.

Addison Rae, 20-year-old TikTok influencer and 3-month-old journalist, announced on Twitter that she was let go from her role as a reporter for the UFC ahead of the marquee Poirier vs. McGregor 3 fight.

The decision came shortly after Rae was met with criticism when she announced her job on Twitter, citing some questionable credentials.

In the tweet, the influencer casually mentioned it only took "3 whole months" of broadcast journalism classes to land the coveted position, stirring outrage from followers and media figures over Rae's resumé.

The UFC noticed the backlash and fired Rae less than a day after her tweet, sending her from General Ed. to EDD.

On Saturday, Addison tweeted she was let go by the UFC.

"nvm y'all got me fired," said Rae, which accurately reflected the three months of journalism classes.

With a UFC reporting career to rival Eli Manning's as a Charger, Rae's critics may have won the day by addressing the blatant catapulting of the influencer over more qualified candidates, but the decision-making on behalf of the UFC also comes to question after going back on the move so fast it became more of a V than U-Turn.

Aiming for a boost in online traffic over capital "J" journalism, the hiring of Rae was a clear piggybacking off the near 81M TikTok followers, and presents more of a liability in the matter from the UFC when compared to the young entertainer's decision.

Still boasting a largely successful TikTok account and upcoming lead role in Netflix feature film, Rae's days as a reporter may still see the light should an equally credible outlet start hiring.

MSNBC job boards, anyone?

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