Twitch Streamer Dives On Bed After Realizing She Left Her Sex Toy Out

What's worse than forgetting to put a sex toy away? Having someone walk into your room with it laying across your bed. A Twitch streamer had that experience recently and it took place during one of her livestreams.

It's not the first time a streamer has left a sex toy out and it won't be the last. Although, it might be the last time Twitch streamer ScaryRussianWizard leaves one out before hopping on a livestream.

The clip of the incident shows her being interrupted by someone off camera mid-stream. As she talks with the person, who she later reveals is her aunt, something appears to catch eye. She then quickly jumps up on her chair and dives off camera.

The ScaryRussianWizard returns after a few moments and asks, "You wanna know why I did that?"

"My aunt walked in and my vibrator was just chilling in the middle of my bed, so I jumped on it to protect it!," she explains. "I had no choice."

All things considered, her sex toy being left out could have had a much different ended. For starters she could have left it front and center for her almost 50,000 Twitch followers to see.

Bullet dodged there. Another unhappy ending, and one that's happened to a streamer or two, is she could have started using the toy and forgotten to end her stream.

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While they tend to create a lot of buzz for the streamer, those incidents usually come with a ban of some sort. Consider it another win.

Now to her move when her survival instincts kicked in. There's a lot of things that could have gone wrong jumping off of a chair with wheels on it.

The most obvious, and the one that could have had some very embarrassing results, is that she missed the bed and ended up hurting herself. You don't want to explain those injuries to an emergency room doctor.

That's much more of an embarrassment than the aunt spotting the toy on the bed. All in all it ended well the ScaryRussianWizard. Only her Twitch followers and half the internet know about it.