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Great, now I have to give my boys two 'talks' over the next 10 years-plus

It's been less than 24 hours since Mrs. Screencaps sat me down to watch the "Reaching Puberty" video, or whatever the schools call it, so I can have a chat with my 10-year-old son, now comes the news that AI is about to force parents to have another chat with their kids.

The school is scheduled to show the puberty video at some point over the next three weeks which means I'm scheduled to have a pregame speech -- Mrs. Screencaps will tell me when it's time to enter the locker room to give said speech -- to get us over the first hump of impending adulthood.

Then, I'm told there will be the next chat which Mrs. Screencaps will direct me to have yet another pregame speech prepared.

Then, it seems, there will be yet another speech to give when the Kinsey boys start to think about what they'd like to be in life. Kids, I have news for you, it's going to be a whole new world out there and it will take a team effort to figure out if an algorithm will eventually take your job.

Monday was a vision into the future of employment:

The first round of jobs on the chopping block thanks to AI technology are in human resources. We're talking about 30% of IBM's HR jobs being replaced. That's 7,800 our of 26,000 positions.

In total, The World Economic Forum estimates 85 million jobs will be replaced globally by AI while creating 97 million new positions. We'll have to wait and see if the last part of that statement comes to fruition. The skeptic inside me says to not hold my breath.

Screencaps Book List As Managed By Indy Daryl

Jacob asked for the official Screencaps book list and I was hit with at least 30 emails from readers who knew exactly where to find that list.

Well, well, well...look what's happening to No Mow May

• John L. writes:

Well, what do you know.  F*** these assholes!


Masters paycheck for anonymous #1

• Anonymous #1 writes:

I had to guesstimate how much federal tax to withhold to get it down as low as possible and still get a check. A check that does NOT get deposited but framed instead. Fortunately, I got it under $20. 


I hope all of you have been keeping track of how much thought Anonymous #1 put into his Masters assignment and how to make the most out of it.

Some of you sent me a link to the Masters "volunteer" who wrote a bitching and moaning report on his experience for Golf Weekly and let's just say Anonymous #1 could teach the bitching and moaning guy a thing or two on how to actually enjoy being on the holy lands of Augusta National.

Take notes.

LIV on CW and this week it was on my local ABC affiliate

• John from SD writes:

I found the CW network by accident flipping channels on Sunday. Turns out it’s a free non-subscription channel you can watch off of an antenna.  So I watched LIV Golf through the playoff which Sergio lost on the first playoff hole. Coverage, not bad but nothing I’m looking for again regularly. New and refreshed graphics but I’m sticking with the PGA coverage. 

USFL: Joel Klatt calling these games is interesting. Love his game calling but, he’s better than calling week three of USFL games. 

I’m wondering where the Screencaps community stands on bull riding? Watched the PBR yesterday and it’s great content.


I meant to give a LIV update yesterday. The LIV tournament was actually on ABC here Sunday at like 6:30 when the local news typically comes on. Was that a national thing? Were you guys seeing the same thing?

If my memory is correct, Joel Klatt called the entire 2022 USFL season. Remember, paychecks are paychecks. Perhaps Joel wanted some off-season reps. He also worked the NFL Network Draft desk.

And I go in spurts with bull riding. If it's on, I'll check it out here and there. I'm not anti-bull riding by any stretch, it's just a fringe sport that I'll keep an eye on if it crosses my screen.

Speaking of taking notes, the Best Motorcycle Rides In The United States emails are starting to heat up

• Pete S. in Golden, Colorado writes:

To expand on Jeff B’s choice for the best motorcycle ride in the United States (Million Dollar Highway in Colorado), I would instead start in Grand Junction/Whitewater, CO, and take highway 141 south through Gateway, CO and then highway 145 to Ridgeway, CO. Then you can take highway 550/The Million Dollar Highway down to Durango, CO.

This will be a full day of riding but this trip has some of the most beautiful country you can see in the good old USA. The route has nice pavement and the highways are generally empty. A short side trip into Telluride would make for a nice lunch break, but there are lots of places to stop for beers/lunch on this route.

TNML news and notes

• Kevin C. in Troy, MO writes:

Hope I'm not too late for a sticker as I'm usually one of those guys hitting refresh to get your daily article.  As you can see from attached pic, the sticker will be prominently displayed when enjoying garage beers!

I'm a huge fan since you started at Outkick!!


Kevin, I'm dropping off an envelope in the post office box at the end of our neighborhood here in 40 minutes when Screencaps is posted and I can go get a coffee for Mrs. Screencaps.

• Greg B. writes:

Zach L's "Toro is dead to me" took me down Memory Lane.

In 1996, I purchased a 12-year-old Honda 21-inch mower for my first house. I bought it from a classified ad in the back of the sports section of the Dayton Daily News. I actually had to call the seller, get his address, and look at it in person. The seller had a hilly lot and claimed the self-propelled mechanism was toast. He sold it to me for $80.

Came with the bagger and mulching plug. Turned out that the rear-wheel drive was just out of adjustment. 20 minutes spinning wrenches and had it working as good as new. I loved this mower. Started on the first pull every time and ran like a top. I used this mower weekly until 2004 when the wife and I bought our second home with a 1-acre lot and I stepped up to a John Deere GS30 (13hp, 36in deck). I sold the Honda to a friend for 60 bucks. 19 years later, he still has it and uses it weekly during mowing season. Can't say enough about Honda power equipment. 

For smaller yard equipment (trimmers, edgers, blowers, etc.), I'm a fan of Echo. That would be my recommendation to all TNML members. Lower price point than Stihl, but very well-built and extremely reliable. Repair parts are cheap, easy to source, and seldom needed.

My company needed a new blower, so I used this as an excuse to upgrade my home unit which is 25 years old. Went with the gas-powered Echo backpack. Not only does it blow at 215MPH, it also allows me to flip the bird to the Libbies who want to tell me how to mow, cook, or heat anything. I'm 53 so my new Echo will be the last blower I ever buy because in 20 years I will be too decrepit to do leaves. I still plan on mowing at that advanced age as it is cheaper than a therapist. 


Both of these guys are getting stickers in 30 minutes when I hit that mailbox. I am 85% sure I sent Greg stickers a month ago, but you guys know how mail gets lost. He might end up with multiple stickers around Thanksgiving when things get sorted out.

Greg, more stickers are in the mail!

• Zach L. is back with a Toro update:

So, I needed to update the TNML community.  My oldest son (18) didn’t feel like I gave it my all in trying to fix my Toro. . . long story short, we YouTubed a plethora of how to fix this crappy guaranteed-to-start Toro mower and it turns out the needle jet carburetor cartridge ‘just’ needs to be drilled out with a micro drill. 

I did what the Coors light-drinking gentleman referenced below did, and the mower now runs like a champ.  Ridiculous that you have to do this with a new mower.  I guess I have a zombie Toro.  If / when it dies again, it will stay dead to me.

The Ts are on the move -- AGAIN

• Mike T. writes:

I had some dental issues on the European trip, went to my dentist in Idaho he said 8k for the work! I called my dentist in Puerto Vallarta, 2k same work!

Airfare $800

Airbnb 16 days 2,000

Dentist, $2,000

Total 5 k

So we’re in Mexico the next 2+ weeks

Mike T. adds:

Marisma shrimp tacos 8.45 delicious

And more from Mike T.:

Pepe’s Al Pastor and Volcan with grilled onions 8.55 perfect!


Great photos as always by Mike T., but my eyes immediately zoom in on those fresh limes and the salsa bar offerings. Unreal. SOOOOOOO FRESH.

I gotta get back to Mexico, but not for dental work.

That's it for this morning. Winter is about over her in the Midwest. One more day to go before the weather breaks for good.

Let's finish winter strong!


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