Twitch Streamer Banned For Sitting On Cupcake While Singing Happy Birthday During Hot Tub Stream

Singer and Twitch streamer Raquel Lily got herself into a little bit of hot water recently during a live stream. She normally streams her music, but decided to do something called hot tub streaming.

That's, as it sounds, where the streamer live streams from a hot tub. That alone isn't against the rules and won't get a streamer banned. Twitch even has a category for such content.

What is apparently against the rules is smashing a cupcake with your booty while singing happy birthday. That's what Raquel did earlier this week and she received a three-day ban for doing so.

The stunt, she called "cake on cake time" was rules to be "sexually suggestive conduct" by the streaming platform. In the video she sings happy birthday to a follower and smashes a cupcake in her bikini.

This Twitch Streamer Gets Self-Promotion

Raquel admitted after being banned that she intended to use the hot tub stream as promotion for her new single. A song called "u up?" The song, she explained, is about an "e girl"

Even though she says Twitch didn't get her joke, she plans to return to the streaming platform after the three-day ban ends.

The hot tub stream wasn't the only thing Raquel did to help promote her single. She created a fake OnlyFans page to help create some buzz. Getting attention was all part of her plan.

"I'm being extremely calculated and intentional with all my marketing on this new single. I knew this was going to spark controversy and turn heads," Raquel explained.

"I knew some people would get it and some people wouldn't. Everything you see happening aligns with the theme and the satire of my song “u up?," which is about partying on discord and becoming an e-girl."

People are really putting on hot tub streams to promote their music? Is nothing sacred anymore? I'll never trust a hot tub stream or cupcake being smashed with a booty ever again. That's the real tragedy.