Triggered Man Turns His Chevy Cruze Into A Tank & Plows Through A Verizon Store

Ever gone to a Verizon store and felt like the service was less than helpful? Ever felt like taking your Chevy Cruze and turning it into a tank to get revenge on the worker who wouldn't help you? One man in Alexandria, Virginia did exactly that this week, and the Verizon store burnt up some of its data plan to send a copy of the video to the local Fox affiliate so we can all take a look at the wild scene.

According to Fox 5 DC, a female worker told the TV station that a man demanded workers disconnect a cellphone, but the store workers told him they couldn't help him with that demand. The man was told twice that it wasn't happening. That's when he, allegedly, flew off in a rage and told a female worker he would run her over.

The guy goes out, fires up the Cruze and turns his four-door into a tank. He plows through the front door, throws that bad boy into reverse and heads on down the road with some minor damage. Police say you should be on the lookout for a Cruze with Texas tags, and whatever you do, don't confront the man who's clearly triggered.

Angry Guy could've saved himself a BOLO and a future court case by just hitting up the cancellation page that spells out what it's going to take to disconnect that phone. Does Verizon make it a pain in the ass to disconnect service? It looks like it. Is it worth multiple charges -- have to figure a felony will be involved here -- to get revenge on the Verizon workers who sometimes come off all smug while they're talking to you? Apparently, Angry Guy thought so.

This is also where I have to remind the guy that the best way to calm down in these circumstances is to crank Yacht Rock Pandora and find a shade tree. It'll bring the blood pressure down to a point where connecting with Verizon's Indian call center won't be as horrible as it sounds.

Try to stay calm out there, people.

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