Travis Scott Follows Astroworld Tragedy By Attending Party

Following the Astroworld disaster that left eight concertgoers dead, Travis Scott reportedly attended an after party at Dave & Buster's. According to TMZ, the rapper "didn't know the severity of the situation when he arrived at the party, but left once he was informed."

Not a chance, Travis.

The party was hosted by Drake, who made a surprise appearance during Friday's opening night at NRG Park in Houston and who also claims he was unaware of the tragedy before his Dave & Buster's party began.

Eight people dead, hundreds injured when concertgoers trampled each other during their noticeably overpacked show. Travis Scott eventually released an apology to social media that felt as insincere as any we can remember in recent history. And as you would expect, some attendees have Drake and Travis Scott in the thick of impending lawsuits.

So what should we take away from their claims that they didn't know what happened for an hour after such a horrific incident? I argue they're bold face liars, and they simply didn't anticipate the backlash they would face.

We have video footage of staffers telling security to stop the show because "people were dying." Social media trends, which they're obviously well in tune with, said the same. But now suddenly Drake and Travis Scott are two clueless rappers who haven't spoken to a soul about the events that transpired? We can never be sure, however common sense says their PR teams advised them to leave the after party and issue an apology.

They'll both recover their images because they're still just rappers, but this was a sad scene that can be used as a learning experience. It's just too bad eight people had to lose their lives to wake us up from a culture too focused on being cool and relevant rather than putting our livelihoods first.


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