Tony Hawk Shows Why You Shouldn't Skate After 50

There's a reason my exercise routine consists mainly of watching other people performing box jumps on Instagram while I suck down Diet Pepsi. I'm too old to get hurt.

Skateboard legend Tony Hawk, 53, learned the hard way that sometimes a caffeinated soda and IG outweighs kick flips and ollies. He suffered a broken femur while skating on Monday.

Hawk shared a gruesome X-ray of his busted thigh bone on his Instagram account.

First of all, holy shit! When did Tony Hawk get old!? And second of all, any respectable dad could've told him that if he had been watching skating videos on IG instead of trying to be in one, this wouldn't have happened.

But I digress...

Hawk has certainly suffered injuries from skating before, but given his age, this one is probably the most devastating.

"Yesterday sucked. I broke my elbow 20 years ago and managed to make a full comeback," said Hawk. "This recovery will be much harder because of its severity (and my age). But I'm up for the challenge."

Busted bone and all, Hawk's already looking forward to the next time he can step on a board.

"I've said many times that I won't stop skating until I am physically unable," Hawk wrote. "A broken leg — with plenty of hardware — will probably be the biggest test of that creed. I'll be back … maybe not at full capacity but I resigned to that notion years ago as I approached 'mid-life.'"

Damn, Tony, there's nothing left to prove. Heal up, marvel at all those zeroes in your bank account, and dive into The Tinder Swindler like the rest of us.

Diet Pespi's on me.


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