Tom Brady Historic Football Sells Again... For A Lot Less

With so much hype surrounding New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge's chase for the American League single season home-run record - many people have been speculating about how much his potentially historic baseball would sell for.

Tom Brady memorabilia collectors may have some insight.

Tom Brady's "last touchdown" football sold over the weekend at Lelands auction for $129,658. And that may seem like a lot. However, just this past March the same ball went for more than $518,000. (The auction house later voided the bet).

Why did the value decrease so much in such short time?

Brady un-retired the day after the football sold at that auction, thus significantly downsizing the importance and the value of the football.

On Tuesday night, Judge hit his 60th home run - tying Babe Ruth's previous single season record. A New York college student ended up catching that ball and gave it to Judge. In return, the student received a couple signed baseballs and bats. He also got to meet the All-Star outfielder.

Many social media users have been talking about how much Judge's 62nd home run ball - the one that would surpass Roger Maris's 1961 AL record of 61 could fetch.

Experts believe that it could surpass $1 million.

Brady has now thrown for an NFL record 625 touchdowns throughout his career. Three weeks into this year's NFL season, you can expect that number to continue going higher. And the same goes for Brady's eventual last touchdown ball.