Tom Brady Card With Diamonds On It Could Net Lucky Collector $250,000

Imagine pulling a card looking for a gem and pulling a 1-of-1 card that could have a price tag of $250,000 on it by the time all is said and done.

That's the case with a card featuring former Patriots Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady that was pulled and opened over the weekend.

The card has an image of Brady on it, as well as the Super Bowl XXXVIII logo. It includes Brady's signature and inscription, but the main reason the card is worth a quarter of a million is that it includes over two dozen diamonds on it.

The card was pulled by Bryan of Ultimate Box Breaks, who paid a whopping six grand for the chance to open the card, and it paid off.

The future of the card is up in the air at the moment. Bryan told TMZ Sports that he could sell the card or he might just keep it in his collection for the time being.

Since Brady won yet another Super Bowl back in February, his merchandise has been through the roof. So a card with diamonds on it going for $250,000 isn't exactly out of the question at this point.

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