Today Is The 10-Year Anniversary Of Rex Ryan Revealing He Had A Tattoo Of His Wife In A Mark Sanchez Jersey While He Coached Him

"Is that... a tattoo of Rex Ryan's wife on his arm? And is she wearing a Jets jersey? Oh my God, it's Mark Sanchez's #6."

Happy 10-year anniversary to when we all found out that Rex Ryan was a little... weird.

Whether you call it cringe or creepy (or both?) this is the week where we all learned in January of 2013 about Rex's questionable art decision.

While vacationing in the Bahamas over the holidays back then, a photographer snapped photos of a shirtless Rex Ryan (gross) looking like a beached whale getting his tan on.

However, upon a closer look, we found out that the tattoo was of HIS WIFE... wearing nothing but a Jets jersey, of whom Rex was the head coach of at the time. The number on her jersey? Six. The same as Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, who Rex was coaching at the time.

The bizarre, cuckhold-like fantasy quickly made headlines a decade ago.

The Daily News, which published the photo on its front page, went with the headlines "Kinky Inky."

ESPN called it Tattoo-Gate.

The rest of us that were in New York City? Were just like "Uhh.. what?"

While Jets fans threw their hands up in the air and were like "of course our coach would have this tattooed on him of all things."

Listen, to each their own and people can do as they please and live their lives however they want. But there is DEFINITELY something weird about envisioning your wife in your professional quarterback's jersey that you are currently coaching. And then you literally got it tattooed on your body. That is creepy. Facts are facts people.


There's a whole generation of football fans who probably aren't aware that Rex even coached and only know him from seeing him on ESPN bloviating about God knows what.

And the fact that this happened when social media - especially Twitter was still relatively new and nowhere near as prominent as it is now, many might not know Rex's tattoo even existed.

For those of us that covered sports in the New York City area, we soon realized that "Rex was going to be Rex" when he came to the Jets. At first his stern, determined coaching approached resonated inside the locker room - with the New York Jets making back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances before losing both.

After that, however, Rex's head coaching record continued to fall until a 4-10 season led to him being let go by the team. He then went on to coach the Buffalo Bills for just one season to a 7-8 record before being fired from there as well. He then went on a profanity-laced rant about how the players quit on him.

Rex has since become a staple of ESPN and its NFL coverage. The guy knows football, it's just EVERYTHING ELSE that comes with it at times that can be nauseating and eye-rolling.

As far as the tattoo itself, Rex has since changed the jersey's colors, adding some blue to the green sleeves.

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