Tinder Adding Background Checks To Combat Violent Crimes

The dating app Tinder is partnering with the Garbo company to offer online background checks to combat the rise of violent sex crimes.

Tinder's new partnership will allow users to access public information including people’s arrests, convictions and sex offender registry records.

The move comes after reports surfaced that several male Tinder users have sexually assaulted the women they have met through the app

“We believe we have an important role to play in creating safer spaces for everyone,” a Tinder exec told The Post.

“Our users — and the general public at large — have the right to access public records about someone they may want to meet, particularly when information that can impact safety."

Tinder's parent company, Match Group, had previously set up a screening for sexual predators on most of its other 45 online dating brands. For whatever reason, Match has not screened for sexual predators on Tinder, its most notable app.

Match launched the screening after entertainment executive Carole Markin filed a lawsuit against Match in 2011. Markin, who eventually reached a settlement with the company, said a man she met on a Match app raped her and that the man had been convicted of rape six times before.

To conduct a search, users will have to send Garbo the following information about a possible online dating connection:

“That’s why we’re so excited about this partnership with Garbo — it represents a big step forward in safety for our users and the industry as a whole," Tinder concludes.

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