TikToker Gives Out Her Dad's Number To A Guy At The Bar, Dad Has A Little Fun When The Guy Reaches Out

When you're a hot young lady visiting a bar the chances you get hit on while there are fairly high. Inevitably you'll have a few guys trying to get your digits that you're not at all interested in.

If you're not into breaking hearts face-to-face then you'll have to develop some interesting strategies in order to handle these situations. There's always the classic move of handing out a fake number, but where's the fun in that?

One TikToker, who has tried a couple of "fun" strategies of her own, might have found the winning one. Jordyn Cassetta says after failed attempts to meow at guys to tamp down their interest, she's resorted to handing out her dad's phone number.

Naturally, Jordyn's dad is having some fun with the whole thing. When the guys text him, he strings them along before revealing that they're not talking to Jordyn.

We're talking about getting the guys to send pictures and schedule FaceTime calls. Dad even goes as far as setting up dates that nobody is going to show up to.

In a video that is quickly approaching 800,000 views on TikTok, Jordyn shares one such back and forth with one of these unlucky guys.

At the end of the clip, after showing the text message exchange where her dad sent a picture of himself to the guy, she give a halfhearted apology. Jordyn says, "I'm sorry, if this is you who sees this video, I apologize. But this is so funny."

Be Careful Asking For A Number At The Bar, The Digits Could Be Her Dad's

Unfortunately, she's right. This is funny. It's way worse than just the old fashioned no when asking for a number too.

Tell me no or give me a number that doesn't exist, but don't give me your old man's number. Fellas, if you get a number at the bar, ask for a selfie when you reach out.

Maybe even request one with her holding a newspaper or something. The last thing you want to do is be texting with dad at 2 am.

Handing out the old man's digits could catch on. There were several people in the comments that think this is a good idea. One even called for it to be normalized.

Trust no one. Asking for phone numbers is even less safe than it was before.

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