TikTok Star Polska Babinks Claims Her Cleavage Was A Huge Problem For Paris Restaurant

A TikTok influencer's boobs are being credited for causing a Paris restaurant's Google rating to go from three to four and a half stars.

Polska Babinks, a prototypical social media influencer with a big rack, wanted sympathy for being denied entry into a Paris restaurant, but the plan backfired when society fought back and supported the owner for denying entry to Polska and her fellow Gen Z influencer friend.

Now the whole incident, recorded and posted by Polska, has backfired on the influencer as she's being slammed for trying to shame the owner.

According to the TikTok'r, she and the friend were stopped at the door and turned away by the owner who was seeing too much cleavage. Polska later returned with her phone recording as she was once again told to take her cleav to another place of business.

The videos, posted Tuesday, have quickly gone viral in France where blue checkmarks are tearing into the influencer.

"Where's the scandal? He doesn't want bare b**bs in his restaurant," French TV host Benjamin Castaldi opined.

To be fair, the boobs are covered -- barely.

French columnist Danielle Moreau was equally as frustrated with Polska. "This is not a feminist struggle! Very few women see themselves in you," Moreau wrote.

It's not just the blue checkmarks who are letting Polska have it. "The fact that this restaurant went from 3 stars to 4.5 on Google is thanks to you!" wrote a hater.

Let's face it, it's hard to argue with the restaurant owner in this case with Polska looks like she's about to turn some tricks in that dress she's wearing. Here in the United States, it's beyond time to bring back the dress code. You want to dress like a pig -- or a stripper -- then take it to a restaurant that wants that customer.

In May, the New York Times noted that dress codes at U.S. restaurants were returning and some owners are going as far as requiring blazers. Shocking, right?

“Blue jeans, shorts and sneakers are strictly prohibited,” restaurant Les Trois Chevaux tells customers in a text message the day before arriving for dinner.

“Blue jeans, shorts and sneakers are strictly prohibited,” the text continues.

And don't even think of wearing flip-flops.

“Something that I feel tremendously is missing from New York over the past five or six years is that old-school flair that I love,” Les Trois Chevaux chef and owner, Angie Mar told the Times. “It is important that we bring that back.”

Try telling that to Polska.

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