TikTok Mormon Influencer Reveals Just How Crazy The Swinging Is In Utah -- Her Marriage Is Over!

In a clear sign of the times, a Mormon TikTok influencer named Taylor Frankie Paul is making headlines this week after she revealed, via "MomTok," that she and her husband have been involved in the wild world of Mormon "soft swinging" and it caused so much drama that she is now getting a divorce.


And here you thought the biggest problem in the country was gas prices. It turns out that the MomTok world -- TFP has 3.5 million Tok followers -- has been dialed in on Taylor's marriage and now it's all coming to an end due to the swinging.

“The whole group was intimate with each other,” Paul announced on a TikTok livestream. “Tate has made out with several girls and other things, and I’ve made out with all of the husbands and vice versa.”

Damn, girl.

I mean, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this lifestyle. Here I thought the Mormons were more about hitting up church, living a quiet life and maybe gardening late on Saturday nights. Then along comes TFP with this buzzsaw announcing that there's a "soft-swinging" society inside the Mormon faith.

Talk about mind-blowing stuff.

TFP explained to her fans that the "soft-swinging" never went "too far," but in a different social media post she admitted to "going all the way" and added that she now felt "free" to talk about how this has changed her life.

“I feel free, to be honest,” Taylor said. “It was a secret that we had been keeping from family and other friends."

“All my dirty secrets are out and I have nothing to hide anymore,” she noted. “We partied, we were intimate with other people.”

Now I'm left wondering if Taylor's husband was one of the missionary guys who used to ride through our neighborhood and stop to chat about college football. It's completely stunning to think those same college guys could now be running swinging parties in Utah.

My mind is forever changed about the Mormons over this story. Now I know there's an underbelly. A dark society. The next thing someone is going to tell me is how Mormons like to drink Busch Lights on cool fall nights after football games. And smoke weed.

The more I think about it, my life isn't nearly as crazy as the life these Mormons are leading. I'm the one sitting on the patio late on Saturday nights while these maniacs are holding spouse swapping parties instead of playing Scrabble.

Along comes the Kim Kardashian of the Mormon world to shake things up. Something tells me we haven't heard the last from Ms. Paul.

Girlfriend is married to the content game. There's a good chance she ends up dating a member of the Utah Jazz or a Denver Bronco slot receiver. Stay tuned.

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