TikTok Bikini Bandits Outsmart Police, Avoid 'Felony' Via Rock, Paper, Scissors Victory

I know what you're thinking here: there's no way police played TikTok bikini models in a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine if they would be charged with a felony out on the open waters. It's late Thursday afternoon, the NFL Draft is close, you need to cut the grass, let's just go with it and have some FUN.

The haters are saying there's no way they got out of a "feloney" and this is just a bunch of TikTok clout chasing. Those of us who've been stuck behind a desk all day just want to see three TikTok bikini models celebrate beating cops in a rock, paper, scissors game.

Let's have some FUN with this one. Watch:

The haters are saying this is fake. The wokes are saying this is pretty privilege. I'm just saying this is fun and needs to happen out on the open waters all summer. Bikini bandits vs. cops in rock, paper, scissors should become a TikTok series.

Cops pull up, a quick seven-game series ensues, either the cops go home with quality content or the boaters start raging and fire up that content right to Tok or their chosen social media app, but not Twitter until Elon makes that place fun again.

I'm with you, Elon. And when Clay ends up on the Twitter board, I hope he rigs the algorithm for Cops vs. Bikini Bandits: The Rock, Paper, Scissors Series to trend all summer long.

The ladies celebrate beating the cops / via TikTok


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