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MLB lockout, Sleepy Joe's battle with Omicron, Alec Baldwin says he didn't pull the trigger & Britney turns 40

We've reached that time of year when the happiest news on the calendar is that a free Britney Spears is able to run off and celebrate her 40th birthday, which is today. This milestone birthday definitely means many of us are getting old or have officially crossed over into the old category.

Speaking of old, is anyone already tired of the Omicron variant? Thought so. Now along comes Sleepy Joe to tell us that the world is ending - again - and the only way out of this is to get vaccinated, take at-home tests, lock ourselves into closets, don't travel internationally, and avoid contact with the outside world.

"Looking forward, experts envision a world where people will test themselves as soon as they exhibit symptoms — and then, if they are positive, quarantine and seek treatment with new antiviral medicines that are in the development pipeline," the New York Times said today in a front-page story.

Ahh, more medicines to take!

Quickly moving along, I see ABC News is running cover for Alec Baldwin and allowed the actor to claim he didn't pull the trigger in the killing of a cinematographer on the set of Rust. That's right, you're supposed to believe that.

And finally, Major League Baseball and the MLBPA have entered a lockout. I know that sport is throwing around $100 million guaranteed contracts and it's flush with regional cable subscription fees, but you cannot convince me that this sport will be healthy 20 years from now when gamers are breeding new gamers and baseball ends up with fewer and fewer fans as the old-timers die off.

I had zero emotion to the news that baseball is now locked out. Oh well.

• Greg H. writes:

Joe, me, and 3 buds (1 from Orlando like me and 2 from the Pittsburgh area) are heading out for a 3-night golf trip to Scottsdale this week, we are playing a TPC course, the Raven and a Talking Stick course, and I know there are many other favorites out there, but as we plan on making this a yearly thing now in discussions for next year.

Any off-the-beaten-path destination? Florida’s out as ½ of us live here, iffy on Myrtle Beach as we’ve all been and frankly we’d prefer to stay out of California. We don’t really have the money for say Banff or anything too too crazy but we aren’t skimping either, any suggestions? 3-4 good courses, maybe a tiny bit of nightlife or gambling?

We have talked about the RTJ golf trail in Alabama, Charleston SC and maybe even somewhere in the UP which I think you have experience with, any more suggestions not so obvious?

Ps. Screencaps is as daily a routine as I have in life, keep up the good work


So I put this question to my text group that seems to know a little something about everything, especially golf, and here's what they came up with.

• Guy G. writes:

Just wanted to drop a line, and tell you what you already know. This group of guys that you’ve brought to Screencaps is amazing. Tuesday’s post got me in the right mood for Christmas, and the readers' submissions finalized my Christmas shopping for wife.

• Chris D. writes:

Happy to help out a fellow 'capper. What a time to be alive in 2021! Just a dude in Nebraska helping out a fellow dude in VA pick out some towels! Glad to hear your dad is still plugging along.

• Todd Z. has a unique Christmas gift idea for you guys:

Here is an idea I have been doing for several years now. Simply take photos from your cell phone (check pix that you texted and may not have saved, too) and stick them into a MS program-I use Publisher-and create a giant montage on an 11x17 sheet. 

You can resize the photos and place them where you want. I only use the previous year and can easily fit 30-50 pictures or more. It is literally a walk back through the year. I have also included pictures of house projects and improvements completed and anything to do with family and friends. 

Go online to any UPS or FEDEX shipping store, upload your creation and make sure to get it laminated. Order several and you have a personalized gift for $10 and your time. 

On the side of our fridge, we have the last five years posted and everyone looks at them. 

• OutKick copy editor Cortney was stopped in her tracks when she saw this caption that's clearly a tribute to Indy Daryl.

• If you haven't already begun stocking up, Mark W. says you better get moving fast:

Mentioned this earlier this year, and the numbers bear this out, but coffee prices are skyrocketing higher. Stock up now.

And if you can get your hands on to-go cups, it might be smart to stock up on those as well. Good luck out there.

• And that's it. Let's get rolling today.


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