Tiffani Thiessen Is Still Thriving Nearly 30 Years After 'Saved By The Bell'

Are we really this old? Screech is dead. Kelly Kapowski is 48, and has kids. Mario Lopez looks like he's working for some anti-aging cream company. Zack Morris, also 48, is practically ready to cash in his 401k after working for 30 years. Mr. Belding is in his 70s.

Don't blink, folks.

The original Saved By The Bell ended nearly 30 years ago when the high school crew that dominated our Saturday morning TV viewing graduated from Bayside High.

We all blinked and now Tiffani Amber Thiessen, who turns 49 in January, is on Instagram joking about finding a place to pee on a California beach.

As sports fans, it's easy to have one of those moments where you realize Albert Pujols is retiring after a crazy-long 22-year-run and you start to feel old. Then the next minute you're on Instagram and Kelly Kapowski is in a nearly 50-mom-kini and you realize it's been 30 years since she dominated the pop culture scene.

Now she's just one of you. Two kids. School pickup lines to navigate. A husband that probably wants to golf instead of taking pumpkin patch photos.

And the guys who grew up with Kelly posters on their walls are now fat, former athletes who spend their days arguing on social media on a variety of topics. Times sure have changed.

"I don’t think I really realized it during it until we were doing these mall signings. I think it wasn’t until then that I realized the impact of the show itself because I would see how girls were with (Mark Paul Gosselaar) and then I would see how boys were with me," Thiessen said in 2020. "And that was really kind of the turning point of like ‘oh this is kinda weird. This is kinda crazy’. Then the fan mail started getting creepier."

30 years. Sure feels like yesterday.




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