Tickets To Bernie Sanders' Anti-Capitalism Event Are Very Expensive

Bernie Sanders might hate capitalism, but he apparently doesn't hate making money that much.

The independent Senator from Vermont is known for proudly holding socialist (communist?) views about wealth and redistributing resources and money.

You'd think a guy like that would definitely never try to profit off anything, right? Well, you'd be wrong. The 81-year-old Senator is hosting a March 1st event at The Anthem in Washington D.C. to promote his new book "It’s Ok to Be Angry About Capitalism," and if you want to attend, you better be ready to fork over some cash.

The cheapest tickets are $35 (the price of two cases of Busch Light) and go all the way up to $95 (5.4 cases of Busch Light). It's not clear how much fees and taxes will be at the moment because the presale isn't open.

However, given the fact Ticketmaster is doing the selling, you can assume some extra cash.

Bernie Sanders isn't apparently as socialist as he'd like you to believe.

The event is described as, "Senator Bernie Sanders’ new book, It’s Ok to Be Angry About Capitalism, is a progressive takedown of the uber-capitalist status quo that has enriched millionaires and billionaires at the expense of the working class, and a blueprint for what transformational change would actually look like."

Now, how can you have an event about capitalism being terrible and charge the equivalent of 5.4 cases of Busch Light to get in? After all, shouldn't anyone interested in this event hate capitalism, and thus, not have any money to spend?

Of course not. It's all hypocrites. Anyone who has ever taken a look at the most progressive people in Washington D.C. knows that to be true.

It's impossible to count the amount of young staffers in D.C. screaming about capitalism living in apartments paid for by their parents, who have been enriched by the world's greatest economic system.

Furthermore, Bernie Sanders - the poster boy for hating capitalism in America - is actually a great capitalist himself! He owns multiple homes, and has earned north of $1 million annually. For being a socialist, he's pretty damn bad at it.

Now, Sanders is looking to picket some more cash from gullible people. If you don't see the irony in this event and the prices, I don't know what to tell you. It's honestly hilarious.

Don't hate the player. Hate the game. Bernie Sanders has gotten famous for trashing capitalism while pocketing plenty of money along the way. Hell, maybe he's actually a genius because his grift is lining his pockets with cash.

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