Tia Carrere Slips Into A Bikini To Celebrate Her 56th Birthday & 2023

In a wild twist very few saw coming, actress Tia Carrere, who starred in "Wayne's World" and was mostly forgotten by the pop culture world, IS BACK and she's dumping out bikini content.

Possibly taking a page out of the playbooks of other 90s icons such as Elizabeth Hurley (57), Salma Hayek (56), Donna D'Errico (54), Carmen Electra (50), Tia celebrated her birthday Monday by declaring she was facing down a major life milestone.

Tia thanked her friends "for an epic start to 2023 and the first day of the rest of my life!" which apparently went down on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas.

Here at the OutKick Culture Department, we've been at the forefront of documenting the career resurgence of 1990s icons who have slowly graduated out of the stage of life where they have to be outraged over everything -- politics, beef, the environment, dish soap, plastics, etc. -- and now into the "rest of my life" stage as Tia coined it.

Ladies, take it from these 1990s icons who are officially into their f-it stage, have some damn fun before it's all over. You worked your asses off in the 1990s, spent like 15 years completely outraged through the early-to-mid-2000s and now you just spent three full years thinking the COVID boogeyman was coming for you.

Listen to what Carrere is saying from the Bahamas.

You can still think plastics are going to kill you or you can think plastics are going to kill you and still throw on the bikini from time to time and have some fun livin' life. Time is fleeting, ladies. You can keep worrying about stupid political wars or you can get busy hitting up the Caribbean to suck down margs and dump out piping hot content.

Let's not forget what made you huge stars in the 1990s.


The world didn't give a damn about your hot takes on Dawn dish soap or how some water-purifying system was going to solve the horrors of Africa. Yes, those are worthy causes, but that stuff is so damn exhausting.

Let's face it, ladies, those lib lib resume builders were nothing more than fodder to brag about at Hollywood dinner functions in your 40s and early 50s. There's no way you cared that much about Dawn dish soap's effect on society.

Get busy living, ladies. Let's have some margs. Let's get loose.

Take it from Tia.

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