Three Female Guards Have Received Jail Sentences For Hooking Up With Inmates At Cushy Modern Prison

Long gone are the days of sitting alone in a cold dark cell to payback debts to society. These days you could end up in a prison that allows you to have phones in your room and even access to your own laptops. These freedoms might even make you think you can hookup with one of the hot prison guards working there.

That's exactly what has taken place at HMP Berwyn, the UK's largest prison in Wrexham, North Wales. In the last three years, there have been three female prison guards jailed for hooking up with inmates. As a result of the mishaps at the modern prison, staff has had to undergo additional training to fight corruption.

The three female guards, all in their 20s have received jail sentences ranging from eight months to a year for their crimes. Jennifer Gavan, Ayshea Gunn, and Emily Watson all had inappropriate relationships with prisoners at HMP Berwyn.

Gavan, 27, was the latest of the three guards to receive a jail sentence for her relationship with inmate Alex Coxon. In December, she plead guilty to misconduct in public office for accepting money to sneak in a cell phone for Coxon.

It was revealed in court that their relationship lasted from April to July 2020. During that time Gavan is said to have sent picture of herself to Coxon on Snapchat. She also kissed her inmate boyfriend.

This Prison Has Something In The Water

Prior to Gavan and Coxon's relationship, Ayshea Gunn, 27, was involved with inmate Khuram Razaq. The prison guard made multiple sexual calls Razaq and snuck in a pair of her underwear in her bra for him.

In Gunn's bedroom pictures of the two kissing and hugging were found. As well as pictures from inside Razaq's prison cell. She was sentenced to a year in jail in 2019.

The third prison guard, Emily Watson, 26, was apparently the first of the three to get caught and she had the most damning of accusations against her. She reportedly performed a sex act on inmate John McGee on two occasions.

Watson also had intercourse with him during a third time alone in his prison cell. She was jailed for one year in April 2019.

When you setup a prison more like a college campus then throw in some relatively attractive prison guards, what do you expect?

I get it, we all love a good prison guard and inmate love story. But this seems very preventable.

This is on the management of the prison. Just an idea, but maybe a little less country club and a little more prison.

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