'This Was A Miracle': Wyoming College Wrestlers Survive Grizzly Bear Attack By Fighting Back

What was supposed to be a day of horn shed hunting by four Wyoming college wrestlers turned into a fight for survival for two of the grapplers who were attacked by a grizzly bear outside Cody, Wyoming.

Kendell Cummings and Brady Lowry survived what they describe as an attack that came on so fast that the teammates at Northwest College couldn't even deploy their bear spray. The fight was on and the grizzly wanted a piece of both wrestlers.

"This was a miracle," Dallas Lowry, Brady's father wrote on Facebook citing Bible verse Daniel 6:22.

"My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions. They have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight. Nor have I ever done any wrong before you, Your Majesty," the verse reads.

Cummings and Brady Lowry suffered what are being described by their athletic director as "very serious in nature," but as you can see in Dallas Lowry's hospital report, the teammates will survive.

But it could have been much, much worse without what Dallas Lowry describes as "teamwork and love."

The story relayed by Cummings and Lowry is that they were separated from the other two teammates when the grizzly attacked. It was fast. All they could do is fight back to survive.

Brady was knocked off a ledge where he "fought to protect himself" as Cummings tried to scare the bear, but it didn't work. That's when things escalated. Cummings grabbed the bear to save his teammate and the bear decided to maul its new target.

While it's unclear why and how the bear took off, Cummings was spared and he was rescued. All four wrestlers made it out.

"(Cummings) was mauled twice to save a teammate," Dallas Lowry writes. "College (athletics) builds friendships that never end and builds bonds of family.

In March, a Montana shed hunter was killed by a grizzly bear. In 2019, a Montana teen was attacked by a grizzly while shed hunting, but he was able to survive after deploying bear spray after the grizzly had pinned him to the ground.

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