This Trans Worship Stuff Is Psychosis And It's Getting Worse By The Day: Tomi Lahren

A trans woman cries over a TSA pat down, ESPN names a man as woman of the year, a 13-year-old boy dresses in drag and dances for applauding adults and we call this all “equality” and “tolerance.” America has become one big meme and it ain’t funny. 

But it is time for Final Thoughts.

Folks, the world- or at least this country- has gone mad and much of that can be attributed to the rainbow mafia. 

It’s women’s history month and at this rate women’s sports as we know them will be a relic of the past. 

Here’s ESPN paying homage to women by celebrating a man. Makes sense. 

As former UK and actual female swimmer Riley Gaines correctly noted, 

Lia Thomas is not a female and not brave, Lia Thomas is a narcissist and a joke and if the women of ESPN had any integrity, they’d walk out over this farce. 

This trans worship stuff is a psychosis and it’s getting worse by the day. 

Like this next story, for example.

Did you ever think you’d live to see the day when “her” and “testicles” were used in conjunction?

The emperor has no clothes, folks! Has the rainbow blinded you?! 

My god. This is mental illness folks and it’s being pushed on these young people to exploit them. 

And grooming is the natural extension of that. 

Watch as this 13-year-old boy 

dresses in adult stripper attire- like damn Cardi B at the VMAS- and does a sexy dance for ADULTS. 

Wood chipper. Wood chipper for anyone who thinks that’s “art” or “entertainment.” 

These young and impressionable CHILDREN are being indoctrinated and set up for failure and it’s all done to undermine decency, values and childhood innocence all so ADULTS can get their kicks out of it. 

Thank god some in the public eye are using their platforms to speak this evil into extinction. 

- Holly Holm

Amen someone said it. 

We have a duty to protect children. We have a duty to keep this mind plague from becoming the accepted norm. 

And so far- we as a collective- aren’t doing enough. So I call on all those quiet conservatives AND level-headed liberals out there to stand up to this. So what if they call you a name for it. Have the intestinal fortitude to speak out or forever hold your peace. 

This is a dangerous game of dominos and they’re all about to fall. 

Wake up. 

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