The World's Hottest Geoscientist, Rosie Moore, Goes Diving With Sharks At Night

Rosie Moore continues to prove what a badass she truly is. The "World's Hottest Geoscientist" finds new and dangerous ways of entertaining the masses. She makes sure to sprinkle in her top notch Instagram model skills for good measure.

Fresh off of acquiring a pet black widow spider, Moore, decided to step up the danger by going for a dive with sharks at night. Although if you ask her, having a black widow as a pet is no big deal.

Moore said of her new pet, "A lot of people are really terrified of black widows, and have the wrong idea about them. I think it’s cool to have one and learn how to handle it and understand their behavior more. They are also really beautiful spiders!”

When it comes to her "Nighttime dive with bull sharks" she was much more cautious. "Do not attempt this on your own," she warned of the activity. "This was done with a group of experienced, professional shark divers."

She then broke down the dangers and what it was like diving with the bull sharks at night. She said, "With the reduced vision for us, the divers, due to the darkness of night, and the increased curiosity and boldness from the bull sharks, I would definitely say diving cage free with bulls at night carries heightened risks.

"In my experience, bull sharks are typically shy during day dives. When diving on a good/decent visibility day, bulls typically give you your space and rarely require redirection. At night, this was not the case."

The World's Hottest Geoscientist Has No Competition

Count me among those fascinated by all things Rosie. She's not doing these things for views or followers. All of that has happened organically.

She's out in the woods, or in the ocean, or even in her own home with her pets, getting close to dangerous animals for the love of the game.

It's her passion. She's learning, she's educating, and she doesn't mind putting herself in harm's way to do so. Rosie is rare in the influencing world.

I don't know how she does it, but I'm glad she does. Through videos on the internet is as close as I need to be to snakes, spiders, sharks, and whatever else she's getting herself into.

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