The Paige Spiranac of Tennis Throws Her Support Behind Team USA Ahead Of England Match

Rachel Stuhlmann, the world's number one ranked tennis influencer, is starting to get the hang of this social media-influencing thing by clearly following the lead of golf GOAT Paige Spiranac.

Friday, ahead of Team USA's HUGE match against England (2 p.m. ET, Fox), Stuhlmann fired up Instagram and dumped out a red, white and blue tribute to the boys as they prepare to face England in a massive World Cup match for USA soccer.

"Let’s go USA!" Stuhlmann wrote to her growing legion of Instagram fans.

Why is it important for the world's No. 1 tennis influencer to cross over and create some World Cup content? Because someone has to do it and the opportunity is there to create some headlines around the world.

In case you guys haven't been paying attention, this country is in huge trouble when it comes to Instagram soccer superfans. We're being crushed by countries all over the world. Croatia's Ivana Knoll is over in Qatar risking her life by showing cleavage and here we are with zero vibe outside Stuhulmann with kickoff less than an hour away.

We're not producing top-tier world-class soccer players and our Instagram models couldn't care less about Team USA.

At least Stuhlmann was willing to step across the aisle and do it for the boys today. They need a result bad. A draw is a win today. Stuhlmann knows it. Team USA knows it. The Twitter blue checkmark nerds with nothing going on in life definitely know it.

Now it's time to go out and perform. Rachel's job here is complete.

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