The One Thing New England Provided That Gronk Misses Most

What’s the one thing that former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski misses most about living in Boston? It’s not the clam chowder, the summer weather, or the Harvard co-eds.

No, ahead of this Sunday’s much-anticipated Bucs versus Patriots matchup in Foxboro, Gronk told reporters that he misses attending NBA games the most.

"Going to the Celtics games," Gronkowski said. "They would hook us up, front row. Just to go check out an NBA game, being right there on the court, was always really cool."

Gronkowski, who lived in Boston for nine years, would always get a warm reception from fans at the TD Garden when he appeared on the Jumbotron. Tampa Bay surely offers a wide array of activities for any young millionaire, but the closest NBA team plays an hour and a half away in Orlando, or four hours away in Miami. Maybe he’ll become a hockey fan, instead, given the Lightning’s recent successes.

The Brady Belichick bowl kicks off Sunday evening in New England at 8:20 PM ET on NBC Sunday Night Football.