The Jeffrey Dahmer Pizza Has People Outraged

It turns out some Americans aren't ready to laugh over a Jeffrey Dahmer-inspired cannibal pizza during the Halloween season.

A Lubbock, Texas pizza joint is catching heat for its "Jeffrey Dahmer Special" front-desk display pie that is inspired by the crazed madman who ate his murder victims. The pizza, complete with fingers, eyeballs, ramen noodles for intestines, and a red liquid to remind us of blood spewing from Jeff's victims, isn't catching on in a positive way like Capital Pizza had hoped.

"This is horrible! I am so tired of all of the 'celebration' over Dahmer," one Facebook critic wrote in an opinion piece after learning of the ghoulish pizza. "I remember when all of that went down. I didn’t like it then and I am definitely not going to watch the Netflix series about him.

"Why would anyone want to put that in their minds? It is horrible that the families of Dahmer’s victims, have to have their bandages ripped off just so they can be reminded of what happened to their loved ones."

Capital Pizza manager Kiefer Slusher-Davidson told a Lubbock news outlet that he just wanted to celebrate Halloween with something to spice up "spooky season."

Mission accomplished, but people are a little too spooked out that we're celebrating real cannibalism, Kiefer.

Meanwhile, the restaurant wants people to relax. It's just a prop.

"One of our waitresses came up with the idea and made the pizza and just put it up as a fun prop for Halloween," he added.

It's a traditional Halloween marketing move. You come up with something outrageous (eBay has closed down Dahmer-inspired costume sales). You take a photo of the Halloween prop or costume. You put it on social media and it turns into clicks.

The problem in this case for Capital Pizza is that it is marketing built around this wacko offing 17 men and boys and then slaughtering them like a butcher shop chopping up cows to be thrown onto a Traeger.

Of course, people are going to be triggered.

"Utterly disgusting and shameful. I feel so bad for all the victims families, they deserve better than this," another angry Facebook user wrote about the pizza.  "This is so insensitive, embarrassing and trashy. Be better and do better!"

On Twitter it wasn't going much better for Capital Pizza.

"There’s a pizza place in Texas that now has 'The Jeffrey Dahmer Special' that literally looks so f*cking disgusting…whatever you’re picturing- I promise you this is worse," a woman wrote. "Just further proof that there are some really twisted ass ppl in this world…"

And finally, "We have some sick puppies in this country," another critic tweeted.

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