The House From "A Christmas Story" Is Up For Sale

You can now own the house from the holiday classic film, "A Christmas Story."

The late-19th century Victorian-style home made famous by Ralphie and his family is up for sale in Cleveland. Potential buyers will not only get the original home but also the rest of the 1.3 acre "Christmas Story" campus that includes a museum, gift shop, a rental property and a parking lot.

But only die-hard Christmas Story fans will be considered.


Current owner of "A Christmas Story House and Museum," Brian Jones says that he will only sell the property to a buyer that appreciates the movie and will keep the museum attraction going.

Jones purchased the house when it went for sale on eBay in 2004 for $150,000. Since then it has become a year-round tourist attraction that annually sees over 100,000 visitors. Jones has kept the house similar to how it appeared in the film.

In the upstairs bathroom there is a red bar of soap - just as Ralphie's mother made him wash his mouth out with after saying a curse word. Underneath the kitchen sink, visitors can climb into a a cabinet where Ralphie's brother Randy hid in after Ralphie got into a schoolyard fight.

And of course it can't be a Christmas Story without the leg lamp in the main window for all to see.

The price however, may have you screaming "Oh Fudge," as Jones expects a competitive offer to be $10 million.

Christmas Story is one of the best holiday movies. To be honest, I can't even remember the last time I've sat and seen the whole entire thing. I just turn it on whenever I'm scrolling through and it's always on. But it always delivers.

However, I am skeptical how good the upcoming sequel, "A Christmas Story Christmas" will be.

But to keep the original house within the fandom? That rules.

Now only if we can get Macaulay Culkin to buy the Home Alone house in Chicago...

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