The Cavinder Twins Explain How They Deal With Haters

Internet sensations the Haley and Hanna Cavinder — but that's the Cavinder Twins to you — seem to have it all. Unfortunately, having it all also includes having haters.

So how do the two social media stars and Miami basketball players deal with said haters?

This question was floated during a question-and-answer sesh on their Instagram stories. The twin sisters who transferred from Fresno State to Miami over the offseason had an answer teed up.

“It is what comes with it,” the twins said. It's true, everybody hates on you when you're crushing it like the Cavinder Twins are. even the NCAA itself could be counted as one of the Cavinder Twins' haters.

“No matter what someone will always have an opinion about you, or what you post, or what you wear, or how you live etc. We have learned that you can not look for approval from strangers that only see a glimpse of what you choose to show them throughout social media.”

Truth, ladies. Truth.

If you post nothing but lies and phony BS on social media and people hate on you for it, who cares? They're hating on something that doesn't exist. It's like hating on a poltergeist, the Loch Ness Monster, or a Toronto Maple Leafs playoff series win.

That's why the sisters advised their followers to follow the people they actually know than those hiding behind screen names.

“Choose to look for advice/criticism from the people in your life that TRULY know you,” the Cavinder twins continued. Your life will become more simple, it’s not easy — but people will be people & that’s how the world works. :)”

Preech, ladies; people will, in fact, be people.

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