The Canadian Shop Teacher With Size Z Prosthetic Boobs Is Put On Leave -- Is This A Troll Job That's Unraveling?

The Canadian high school that's bent over backwards for transgender shop teacher Kayla Lemieux, who sports massive size Z prosthetic boobs, has taken the drastic action of suspending the viral sensation after parents complained of Kayla in men's clothing.

The Halton District School board confirmed to the Toronto Sun that Lemieux has been placed on administrative leave from her role at Oakville Trafalgar High School where she'd get those massive Zs to a miter saw right in front of students.

“While not currently on an active assignment, the teacher remains employed with the HDSB (Halton District School Board),” a school official told the newspaper.

Why the pivot from a school that has gone to great lengths to protect its prized transgender teacher who has paraded around town with the huge Zs and obnoxious nipples?

It appears the school is now figuring out it has been duped.

The New York Post hired a Toronto photographer to follow Lemieux and the photographer captured images of Lemieux walking around town as a male just going about his business without the massive cans. Lemieux says the photos of the man are not photos of her.

“I can’t tell you who that is because I don’t want to bring anyone else into this,” Lemieux said when confronted by the Post. “I don’t want that person being thrown all over the media, but it wasn’t me … this is who I am. This is how I look. You’ve been talking to people in my building, but what they’re telling you is harsh and untrue. I am always going out looking the way I am.” 

Kayla Lemieux is a troll job?

Social media has been buzzing since September that this is an intentional troll job with a very specific objective.

"This dude is gaming the system,” a message board user wrote in September when Kayla made her world debut. “This teacher was almost fired for ‘toxic masculinity’ last year, as well as not embracing woke culture."

“He’d drop redpills to his class, such as how silly gender neutral bathrooms are. The school board hates him.

“He’s now upping the ante to exploit the very clown world the school and society itself created. His long game is most likely to get fired, and then sue for discrimination. There is no other explanation…No better way to troll clown world than to become an over-the-top caricature of a woman.”

Meanwhile, the school board, until Tuesday, had done nothing about the size Zs becoming the talk of Canada. The school took Kayla's side in the fight against parents who have been furious about this for months.

Yes, there's now a new push by the school board to develop a policy requiring teachers to have an "appropriate and professional" appearance, but Lemieux largely had been supported before the board ultimately put a stop to this with her suspension.

Has the board been played here? Has this been one big shining light on what happens when you go woke and refuse to take a stand against appropriateness in a school?

It seems like we're headed to a point where Lemieux unloads on the wokes via a media tour.

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