The Best TV Shows Of 2022: Non-Woke Entertainment Fans Edition

The year is almost over, and that means it's time to take a walk down memory lane.

2022 was an exceptional year pretty much across the board, and one thing that really excelled the past 12 months was non-woke entertainment. Now, I'm not talking about entertainment that was explicitly against the woke mob. Not at all.

I'm talking about shows that simply focused on being entertaining over pushing nonsense garbage and political messages. Fortunately for all of you, I've watched a lot of TV over the past year, and I've determined the best shows of 2022 for people who just want to have some fun.

Let's jump in!



Okay, is this kind of cheating because less than half of season five took place in 2022? Maybe, but we're rolling with it. Ever since premiering in 2018, "Yellowstone" has been one of the best shows in modern TV history.

It's gritty, dark, fun, and focuses on messages rarely seen on TV: land ownership, family, abortion storylines and fighting for what's yours.

While I'm not sure anything has ever come close to touching season one, season five has been very good through what we've seen so far. Naturally, any list I write about the best shows on TV is bound to include "Yellowstone."

The Terminal List:

The TV show based on a book and characters created by Jack Carr had all the hype in the world when it dropped on Amazon.

After all, Chris Pratt is arguably the biggest name in acting right now, and whenever a star of that magnitude goes to TV, you expect it to be great. The last time we saw it happen was with Matthew McConaughey on "True Detective," and we all know how that went.

"The Terminal List" is incredibly violent, and refuses to let you go as we watch James Reece unravel a deadly conspiracy. In terms of incredibly fun TV, good luck beating "The Terminal List." Also, as a side note, Jack Carr is an all-around great dude and awesome American.

House of the Dragon:

"Game of Thrones" was great for a large chunk of its TV run, but it ended with a complete and total dud of a conclusion.

People were very nervous about how "House of the Dragon" might shake out. However, it was incredible through season one. The time jump was bold and incredibly risky.

Yet, it paid off as we watched Rhaenyra Targaryen ascend to a position of power and take aim at the Hightowers. The war is here and it should be absolutely epic in season two.

Under the Banner of Heaven:

This TV show isn't for the faint of heart at all. In fact, it's very tough to stomach at times, but it's also impossible to look away. Andrew Garfield gives the performance of his career (and that's saying something) as a Mormon detective chasing down the people behind a grisly and gruesome murders of a woman and her young child.

Without giving too much away, "Under the Banner of Heaven" is a true story. I'd name the case but it would immediately ruin the show for anyone who hasn't seen it.

I had high hopes after I saw the first trailer, and it definitely didn't disappoint. Just know going into it that it is going to mess with your mind. I say that as a compliment.


When talking about just a purely entertaining and fun TV show, good luck finding one more fun than "Reacher."

Remember Thad Castle from "Blue Mountain State"? Yeah, Alan Ritchson - the man who played him - is now the character written by Lee Child and he busted up skulls and and whooped some ass in the Amazon series.

Is "Reacher" the most serious action show? No, and that's exactly why it excels. It knows what it is and leans into it. It's a must watch series for anyone who wants to kick back and have a great time.

The Offer:

I'll be honest with you all, I really didn't think a TV show about the making of "The Godfather" would be great. How could it be? How could a show about the making of a movie be good?

It didn't make sense to me. Yet, "The Offer" is excellent. It might be Miles Teller's best work. Somehow, the show manages to be every bit as captivating and suspenseful as any mystery or action show on TV.

Yet, it's about making a movie. How the hell does that make sense? I don't know but it works and works very well.

Outer Range:

The Josh Brolin sci-fi/western was maybe the biggest surprise of 2022. It's like "Stranger Things" meets "Yellowstone."

It also has one of the best twists in modern TV history, which I actually called surprisingly early on. "Outer Range" is a classic example of a show that is made to dominate social media and Reddit.

After every episode, I'd rush out to crush all the theories. For "Outer Range," just set aside reality for a little bit and trust me when I say you'll love it.

That's the list of must-watch TV shows from the past year. Do yourself a favor and dive in. You're going to love them all.

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