The Barcus Twins Stop By, Eli Manning Goes Off The Rails & A HS WR Is Clotheslined By A Fence

Like I was saying three weeks ago, I hope the fun police doesn't come for Peyton and Eli

Welp, Eli Manning is on the board with one of the great moments in Monday Night Football -- double middle fingers during the 4th quarter of the Cowboys' blowout win. The best part is that Eli thought the production team could blur out the middle fingers on the fly as he dumped them out. Three weeks ago this morning, I wrote about how the raw nature of the Manning-cast is absolutely beautiful and only an ESPN executive could derail this train.

Besides some webcam audio issues from guests -- how hard would it be for ESPN to have Nick Saban checking in via a nice connection like a typical TV interview? -- this is perfect television. I said it three weeks ago and it still stands: this is mid-1990s ESPN2 fun. I don't need the regular ESPN MNF guys breaking down plays in the 4th quarter. I want Eli breaking FCC rules. His deadpan humor is 110% what the world needs right now.

Who would you trust right now with the production of Saturday Night Live: Lorne Michaels & NBC executives or the Mannings? Imagine Peyton and Eli as executive producers of that show. These guys have more comedic genius than the last decade of SNL cast members.

I know Clay has written plenty on how it's up to comedians to bring this country out of the funk it's in. It'll be up to the comedians to make us laugh again and not be so damn triggered by every little thing that happens in life. The Mannings are doing their part, two middle fingers at a time, and it's a beautiful thing to watch -- even when the game is a blowout.

• Speaking of upholding one's duty to bring this country out of its funk, I had a conversation last night on IG DMs with Nathan S. about Screencaps and the beauty of it. "Love the format and content. Sure you have lots of s--t to sift through, but I enjoy you putting it together," he wrote.

"It's filled with light-hearted content and it's truly how the internet I think is best used. Provides an escape from the real world."

Now there's a guy who gets it! And there are so many more out there just like Nathan that are sharing the gospel in their text exchanges. This is where real America resides on a daily basis. We have readers from all sorts of jobs, life experiences and situations. We have all levels of income. There are women who write in to tell me they love Screencaps...after they scroll past the IG models.

The Mannings are doing their part to move this country forward out of its funk, and we're doing the same thing right here. Now it's up to all of us to keep the train rolling. Keep the fun alive and evolving. We can't go back and relive the glory days of your life, but we can make today and tomorrow as enjoyable as possible.

• Indy Daryl of 'Do Hard Things' fame was at it again over the weekend as he took part in a Ragnar Relay, a 200-mile relay race that lasts two days and one night. Each team gets 12 runners. Daryl's race was from Muskegon, MI to Traverse City, one of the great treasures of the United States.


Good morning! The DO HARD THINGS mindset lives on and it was such a privilege to see so many folks of all skill levels running a Ragnar Relay together. My team “MI way is the highway” ran strong through more hills than we anticipated and a driving rainstorm that lasted most of the night. But we made it!! It was great to see all the other teams and the community of people who are willing to run 200ish miles, completing something amazing together!

The race medals all form a puzzle and what should I see for a quote on one: Do Hard Things….. not sure mom started it all, but definitely going to claim it!

Have a great Tuesday!

• I feel terrible for not getting this into Screencaps sooner, but here we go. OutKick copy editor Cortney is getting married this fall and the happy couple will be heading into Vermont and the northeast to explore. Cortney is looking for Vermont suggestions from you guys. Hidden gems. Drives the couple needs to make. Maybe a place to get pancakes some morning. Step up, Vermont experts. Help Cortney and her future husband have the best honeymoon possible.

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• I hear that natural gas will be the new lumber during the Winter of 2021-22. In a September 13 report from Fox Business, it was noted that storage supplies are 16.8% lower than a year ago.

"Hurricane Ida not only hit 90% of natural gas output but also did major damage to key onshore staging areas and because of that, it is taking much longer to restore natural gas production than ever. Over 78% of the Gulf of Mexico's Natural gas production remains offline and there is no clear timeline as to when they can get things back to normal. The pace of recovery, in just the natural gas side of the equation, is one of the slowest recoveries in history, worse than Hurricane Katrina back in 2005," Phil Flynn wrote.

• So I'm going to catch a break on those 2x4s I need to buy this week, but not on the heating bill when I fire up the furnace in a week or two. Win some, you lose some. Speaking of the furnace, it's that time of year when it's 86 during the day (yesterday) and then in the upper 40s later tonight.

Let's go out there today (it's beautiful again, low 70s and crystal clear skies) and have a strong day, have some fun and get home to fire up the grills.

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