Texas Toddler Dials Up A Massive McDonald's Cheeseburger Order Via DoorDash

Everything in Texas is bigger, even the accidental McDonald's cheeseburger orders placed by a two-year-old boy who got his hands on his mom's phone to place a John Daly-esque order.

Mom, Kelsey Burkhalter Golden, was left with 31 cheeseburgers delivered via DoorDash after her boy, Barrett, fired off the order.

“My son was playing with my phone. I thought he was taking pictures, but when I looked back on my thing it was ordered at the time he was playing with my phone,” Kelsey told CBS8.

Not able to put a dent into the pile of burgers, Kelsey announced on a local Kingsville, TX community page that she had "free" burgers for people.

"I guess I need to hide the app or something because Door Dash is not protected," mom added.

As is typical with most two-year-olds, mom says Barrett ate half of one burger and she was left with 30 cheeseburgers.

Now Barrett has gone viral and he's making news around the world.

In an interview with Click2Houston, Kelsey says the total order checked in at $65 and a 25% tip was added to the bill for a grand total of $91.75.

Two people showed up to grab burgers. One woman grabbed six burgers while a family of around seven took 18 and neighbors got the rest.

If you think about it, this just might be one of the greatest things for a kid to go viral for that will be useful the rest of his life. This is an instant job interview icebreaker. This is a first-date icebreaker.

Barrett's going to own Two Truths & a Lie in college.

It doesn't get much better than this in a baby book. Kids being kids. The world could use more accidental DoorDash orders or $2,600 in Spongebob popsicles.

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