Texas QB Arch Manning Changes Mind, Will Now Be Featured in EA Sports College Football

Texas Longhorns backup quarterback Arch Manning is heading from the practice squad to the video game screen.

After initially refusing to allow EA Sports or the NCAA to use his likeness for the highly anticipated College Football 25 video game, Manning has suddenly reversed course, and the much-hyped NCAA player will now appear as a playable athlete in the soon to be released video game.

"I'm IN the game," the youngest Manning tweeted out while also including a commercial of himself playing the game with his uncle, former New York Giants Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Eli. Upon scoring a touchdown, Eli declared, "Touchdown! Now that's why you're in the game!"



The grandson of Archie Manning and son of Cooper, Arch Manning is one of the most popular college football players right now - but seemingly for his name and not his game. The 20-year-old has only appeared in one game, completing 2-of-5 passes for 30 yards. He won't be starting this year for the Texas Longhorns either, after Quinn Ewers announced he would be returning to the team this season.

So yes, Arch Manning will be in the video game, but he won't be stepping foot on the playing field, at least to begin the season.

Ewers will actually be featured on one of three covers for the upcoming EA Sports College Football 25 game - the very game that Arch will now appear in as well.

When news of Arch Manning opting out of the EA Sports game was dropped earlier this spring, ESPN's Mark Schlabach reported that it wasn't due to not being paid enough to be included in the game, but rather that he wanted to wait until he was a star. "Manning, who attempted only five passes in one game as Quinn Ewers’ backup in 2023, wanted to wait until ‘he was the guy’ at Texas," a source told ESPN's Mark Schlabach at the time.


Nothing has changed as far as Manning being "the guy" at Texas, although as the old saying goes - 'It's better to be talked about than forgotten.' And with EA Sports releasing their first version of the game since 2014, this game is sure to be a MASSIVE seller among gaming and sports fans.  

The final video game rosters will be announced Wednesday. Each player who allows their name, image and likeness to be used was given $600 as well as a copy of the game. 

OutKick has been all over the coverage for the game, and you can better believe we will be giving you all the reviews and gameplay tips once it officially drops next week!