Texas A&M Receiver Appears To Get Exposed For Sliding Into South Carolina Girl's DMs With Strange Message While On The Road

Texas A&M wide receiver Yulkeith Brown is at the center of some Instagram drama this weekend. A screenshot that appears to show him shooting his shot at a woman while on the road is turning heads.

Brown, a former four-star recruit in the Class of 2021, is currently a sophomore in College Station. While the Aggies have struggled on offense this season, he has caught just five passes for 97 yards and a touchdown in five games played.

That doesn't appear to be stopping him from doing everything he can to get recognized by the ladies.

Texas A&M, 3-3, will face South Carolina, 4-2, on the road on Saturday. It is a meeting of two teams that entered the season with high hopes. But neither team have not quite found the success they had expected.

As they await the crucial interdivisional matchup, the Aggies flew northeast and arrived in Columbia on Thursday. They are staying at the Marriott hotel downtown, which is not too far from campus.

While posted up in his room, Brown seemingly decided that he was going to seek some female companionship. Maybe the ladies in Texas just weren't doing it for him, maybe he had his eye on a Gamecocks girl, maybe he does this every game.

Was Texas A&M WR Yulkeith Brown responsible for this DM?

Regardless of the backstory, a screenshot appears to show Brown — from his official Instagram account @ysp.yul — slide into the DMs of a lady in the Columbia area. He included a photo of himself in uniform, presumably for the clout, and a wordy message asking an unnamed "cutie" if she wanted to hang.

"Let me know if I'm pushing up or it's good," Brown's alleged DM slide reads. "I'm just tryna see the vibes."

The time on the screenshot shows "10:36" with the message having been sent eight hours earlier. Assuming it is accurate, that means that Brown either shot his shot at 2:00(ish) pm ET on Thursday after arriving in town, or at 2:00(ish) am ET on Friday morning.

While the recipient of this message is unknown, and its origin remains unclear, it looks as though it is legit. Where many people were confused why he might post such a message to his story, the screenshot shows "ysp.yul to you" in the top left corner, meaning that it was a private message.

Presumably, real or not, Brown is not the only football player to have slid into a girl's DMs while on the road. But that doesn't make the image and its message any less unusual— it's like he went out of his way to make sure the girl knows that he is legit and plays ball.