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I want to see your garage fridge

As we transition out of the Summer of the Patio thanks to astronomical fuel prices, it's time to move into Garage Fridge mode. The days are getting shorter. The weather is about to change. You'll be stuck tinkering in the garage. It's time for Screencaps to make the transition with the readers.

I'm titling this project: The Art of the Garage Fridge.

This is more than just men and women showing off their garage fridges. This will be about fridge strategy, art, and the philosophy of the garage fridge.

Your mission:

I'm hoping to receive international submissions for this project. I know we have readers in New Zealand. Do people around the world share a passion for garage fridges like Americans? Do you plaster your fridges with brewery stickers like here in the States?

Trust me, I did a Google search and there's never been a deep dive -- that I can find -- on The Art of the Garage Fridge.

This is our time to strike.

So while you're crushing those patio beers today while watching college football, stop and take a look at the garage fridge. Don't rush into an email. Let this one sink into your head a little bit.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com   

NFL opponent menu

• Jason E. writes:

I continue to love the column.  I'm responding to Brandon C. from Ann Arbor and how he could never figure out what the menu for Indianapolis.  I was born and lived in Indiana for the first 22 years of my life, but I've since moved away.  My parents still live there.  (To further my Hoosier-cred, I remember the Jeff George era and still call myself a Colts fan.)  Anyway, I humbly suggest this for the Indianapolis menu:

Here's a recipe:  https://www.marthastewart.com/1165535/indiana-sugar-cream-pie 

Go Colts and have a good weekend.

Best Live Sporting Event You Ever Attended

• Mike C. in California, Maryland writes:

A while back you asked for our live sporting event stories.  I waited until I could write this story to the best of my abilities, and also when  this personal memory would be the most relevant to Screencap Nation.  I’ve  attended NCAA football, MLB, NHL, NFL, and NASCAR events.  I’ve received arena tours, stadium tours, and hot passes.  However, the one event that stands out in my memory I attended as a regular ticket holder:  the fall 2001 NASCAR Cup Race at Dover.

“And I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free”

On Sept 23rd, this event was the largest post 9/11 held.  Other sports started back up earlier in the week, but none of those events had 140,000 Americans showing up.  I remember waiting in line to get into the track that day.  The entry gates were very restrictive and long.  As opposed to other
large groups where people get impatient and start to push and shove, everyone was polite and patient with each other as we funneled down to the gate.  People handed out flags as we came in.  Making our way to our seats, there was a different energy to the crowd unlike any other sporting event I have ever attended. 

“And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me”

I’ve been at races when the pre-race highlight was the flyover, but that was not on this day.  I’ve been at other sporting events when the pre-game highlight was the National Anthem, but that was only part of the story on that day.  On that day, we sang three songs.  Three Patriotic songs.  Three
songs that capturing the energy of the moment.  Everyone was standing, waving their flags, and singing. 

“And I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today”

We sang “God Bless America” and the National Anthem, but the one song of the three that still to this day brings me goosebumps when I think back to that moment it time...

“'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land”

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to verbally tell that story to other Americans.  Over the years the gravity of the moment gets lost on me sometimes.  Simply going to a sporting event was answering the call from President Bush "Americans are asking: What is expected of us? I ask you to live your lives, and hug your children. I know many citizens have fears tonight, and I ask you to be calm and resolute, even in the face of a continuing threat.”  Less than two weeks later after 9/11 no one knew what to expect, but we also knew not attending wasn’t an option for us either. 

I remember on the 3rd lap, everyone put their three fingers in the air, and that gesture seemed like a lifetime ago when it was only seven months since Dale passed.  Dale Jr won that day and did a reverse victory lap with Old Glory out the driver side window.  Even though I was at the time a Jeff
Gordon fan, it just felt right that he won and the way he celebrated.  I’ve attended a few more races at Dover since then, and I’ve attended other sporting events since that day, but none have approached the raw emotion that I have felt that day. 

“God bless the USA!”

Screencaps came in handy

• JRB writes:

Quick note: Some weeks ago, a reader on Screencaps wrote that during colonoscopy prep, to dab and not wipe, and I wanted to tell that user "Thanks, good advice!"  NOT a pleasant experience, but a necessary one.  For me, be sure to get checked for prostate cancer, too.

Shopping at Costco
Just a few thoughts from Kirkland, Wa (yes that Kirkland).  We each can chose our reasons to support or not support candidates and companies.  It can be one defining reason or a multitude.  I didn't vote for Obama and am a conservative voice in a very blue state.  While I probably don't sync with Mr. Sinegal on a variety of political issues, I think he and Costco are a good thing for my family especially as prices soar.

I don't agree with many leaders of companies and their politics.  However, I still shop at Costco and appreciate its offerings.  I am actually a shareholder too.  So I appreciate the move they made in 2012 to save me some taxes as we already pay way too many taxes in Washington State.  I have no qualms with Costco or any company executing dividends to save shareholders money using the tax laws as they were written.  I actually applaud that action as they are looking out for their shareholders.

I have only once stopped using one company once because of a leader's action.  It was Starbucks because Howard Schultz screwed the people of Seattle by selling the Sonics and thus sending them on their way to OKC.  For more on that view Sonicsgate  

• Mike T. in Idaho writes on Costco:

Just my thoughts on Costco.

We love Costco and shop there wherever we can, throughout the world. Great customer service, never a hassle on returns and employ people from all walks of life.

Yes, they are a socialist company, but they are one of the hardest working groups you’ll ever meet, and people there respect and enjoy their employment!

Love me some Costco, one of my favorite food court items, Poutine, French fries, cheese curds and gravy from the Costco in Quebec City.

• Chris B. in Texas on Costco:

Our family physician grew up behind the Iron Curtain. She’s very conscious of prescription costs and often recommends the Costco pharmacy.

I told her why I don’t like Costco:

She said “You’re right — it’s like when I was a child in Bulgaria!”

It's not chili season!

• Keith W. writes:

I fully agree with your take on the right time for chili.  It ideally needs to be cool and wet/rainy - unfortunately here in Phoenix, AZ that is a rare day, at least it's rare that it falls on a weekend where my wife can cook it up (it's a long process but delicious).  

Quick chili story: we were helping some friends move a few years ago right in the dead of summer.  It was a blistering sunny August day and 110+ degrees when we finished up.  My friend's mom was at the new house and had prepared lunch for everyone as a thank you.  What did she serve?  Chili.  In August.  After moving all morning in the sweltering heat.  My friend was a little embarrassed and quipped:  "Who's ready for a bowl of some refreshing chili?"  My wife and I always say the line whenever we eat chili to this day.

And with that, we're done this morning.

Let's get out there and enjoy a full weekend of football, beers, smoked meats, laughing, and enjoying life.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com  

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